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Wild Ace Pizza & Pub of Greer S.C. Holds A Winning Card *Seeking The Best Food In South Carolina

To me, eating a good slice of craft pizza is like slipping into a warm bath, infused with the scent of my mood.

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Highland Baked Grits-100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die

Tasty Tuesday-A Reblog in honor of MEG’s favorite restaurant. Not only did Highlands Bar and Grill (Birmingham, AL) win the James Beard 2018 Best Restaurant in America, this past week, Highlands Bar and Grill made Food & Wine’s 40 most important restaurants in 40 years. Also congrats to the Pasty Chef Dolester Miles for her 2018 James Beard Award. Just WOW- Other related Blogs Bottega are Chez Fon Fon links above under 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.

Tasty Tuesday-Baked Grits ar Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham.  This is my #59 dish and/or 42 on the countdown.

As a transplant to Alabama, I knew little of Highlands Bar and Grill and famous Chef Frank Stitt. My expectations were humble; I just knew that I was going to be eating some grits. In this case, ignorance was definitely bliss.

If you follow my Alabama quest, you may remember that I do not like to read about the restaurants before I chow down.   Before I begin to tell you about how I kissed grits, I must tell you that I was blown away by  “finding”  this restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. In an effort to keep this tidbit short, let me put it to you this way. In 2016, this restaurant was nominated for James Beards Awards. Not in one category, but in two; Outstanding Restaurant and Outstanding Pastry Chef.

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Some je ne sais quoi In My Breakfast-Seeking The Best Food In South Carolina

I watched (some call it creeped) on the Chef, through the open kitchen while my breakfast was being prepared.

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Seeking the Best of South Carolina Food-Greenville South Carolina Husk

I have written about HUSK the baby (now babies) of acclaimed Chef Sean Brock twice before. My introduction to his work began when I was touring a Kentucky Willette Distillery.

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Still Chasing The G.O.A.T. In South Carolina, A Goat Roast and Beer

Like adventurous eats or want to cross goat off of your food bucket list? This is a great event to make that happen. Put this event on your list for next year.

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Everything Is Peaches In South Carolina Peach Bread

Loaded with peaches and topped with icing, this is one of my new favorite foods in South Carolina.

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3.14159… Reasons That Pi-Squared Pizza Is My Favorite Pizza In The Carolinas

These may be fighting words but,so far, this is my favorite pizza place in South Carolina. Pi-Squared has two styles of pizza and one of them is particularly outstanding; the Detroit Style Square Pizza.

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Strawberry Salad, Berry Dressing, and Strawberry Salmon Swag- Recipe

Use this recipe for your guests. It will impress the heck out of them. Yeesh, It’s not rocket science if you can read, you can make this recipe.

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Celebrate The Strawberry Moon in June

here are two of my favorite places to extend some strawberry love until that strawberry moon passes this way again next June. 

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Hallelujah South Carolina Hash With Sasquatch

I want to pop out this Tuesday blog to let my SC readers know that there is run of hash cooking around South Carolina this Fourth of July week.  Not one of my SC readers?  Be inspired to put this dish on your food bucket list.

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