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“Heart of Dixie” Baseball and Biscuits

When on the road, I love taking in a baseball game. Although baseball is,  well baseball, the stadiums are always an interesting reflection of culture and sometimes you get surprised.

So when my husband’s company invited us to attend The Montgomery Biscuits at the  Riverwalk Stadium, I had to first find out why oh why would a baseball team be named after a flaky buttery sweet or savory dough, dropped from a spoon, baked and served with butter?  or did biscuit mean say a handgun, a cookie, a booty, some shoes…? Turns out that the Class AA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays was named by a fan, who oddly won the “name the team contest”  with his concept of “hey butter butter” as a possible pun. Go figure.  The mascots are biscuits that run around. “Big Mo”  is a huge orange creature that loves biscuits, and “Monty” who is another bi ped human like buttery biscuit.  Whatever, they make me hungry and apparently it works for the stadium because they sell a lot of delicious biscuits and have a gift shop called ‘The Biscuit Basket” .

Riverwalk Stadium is truly top notch. It is located in downtown Montgomery in a hip area with lots of bars, restaurants, shops, hotels and the scenery of The Alabama River. The building itself,is a century old train shed which looks really cool and has seating for about 7,000 people including luxury suites.  There are two picnic areas with tables and these areas can seat a whopping 4,000 biscuit munching crowd. The picnic areas hold events, and are catered with a backyard barbecue feel during the games.  Complete with a children’s area and a huge LED scoreboard which shows instant replays. There is something for every fan  This Wisconsin girl likes to note that there are two bars to accompany the delicious biscuits. Of course, there is other food from the traditional ballpark cuisine to Mexican but I can’t imagine passing up a biscuit while visiting this stadium. When in “The Heart of Dixie” eat biscuits.

Now having gotten over my skepticism of biscuits and baseball, I await for the next season and must return to take pics of the flaky pastry and the animorphed biscuits. Groovy place!

meg hat field

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