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Not Beach-ing About It-Pensacola Beach, Florida, Fort Picken’s National Park and Margaritaville Hotel

Pensacola Beach, Fort Pickens National Park  and a Margaritaville Visit.

I am lucky to live not too far from this area, and while I am a frequent visitor to Pensacola Beach, I wanted to check out Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Beach Hotel.

The beaches in this area are truly fantastic.  In March and April, the water is a bit cooler but I happened to hit a warm week and swam in this beauty.

Spring2014 074



This photos above is from The Pier on Pensacola Beach.  Margaritaville is that beauty in the background.

phone april 13 1329

The color of the water is dreamy.  This  public beach, there are lifeguards.  The sand is white and soft.  Perfecto!

Spring2014 073



It is fun to watch people fish from a nearby beach and the pier.  There are many geared-up fishing boats that pass the beach.

Spring2014 084


This Bob and Barbara

This Bob and Barbara

Margaritaville was really a great stay.  I got a room by the ice machine, which was loud.   Aside from that, it was near perfection.  No detail is overlooked in this hotel.


Lobby, Gift Shop and restaurant called “Frank and  Lola’s Lounge. ”  A beautiful bar area that leads out to pool and Tiki Bar.

A warm welcome and rooms with a view!  Quiet and beautiful beaches.  Straight out the hotel door. Since I love my OWN beach, this area of Florida is quite megapproved.  Next to Margaritaville, is the ever fun hangout called “The Landshark Lounge.”   Live Music

Sunset from Landshark Lounge

Sunset from Landshark Lounge

Margaritaville lost pic

Nearby, there is this…. 

However, in the other directions is Fort Pickens National Park.  I LOVE this park.  Great camping, biking, history, fishing, private beaches.

Private beaches, wildlife, clear blue water, white sand, biking, hiking, fishing..Megahit!

Before Sunset

Before Sunset

One of my favorite moments in Fort Pickens has to be watching the sunsets that are visible over the bay from atop the cannon wall.

Nov Dec Ala 12 086

I found this sign very funny in a 10 year old sort of way. Fun places to eat breakfast? Why not have breakfast “At The Weinery” ummm wiener? Hot Dog House.



1. If you visit this area, watch The Blue Angels.  I have seen them but did not take any photos.  You can catch them from a viewing platform at The Naval Aviation Museum OR check them out from the peninsula at Fort Pickens.  Bring a brunch.  They are magnificent to watch.

2. Love nature, quiet beaches, history?  Visit Fort Pickens

3. Rent or bring your bike.  there are bike lanes, bike trails and safe places to bike around Fort Pickens.

4. Catch a sunset on top of the cannon wall at Fort Pickens

5. Stay at Margaritaville and check out the happenings at The Landshark Lounge.

6. Fun to eat on the beach at Flounders.  The Shrimp boat is loaded with shrimp eats. They have this seafood nacho dish that serves a table full of people. Get a table out near the volleyball courts and bay.

7. Breakfast at Native Cafe

8. Fine Dining at The Grand Marlin.  Try to get a table at the bayside.  This restaurant has many “best of’s.”

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