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Beam Me Up Scotty- Jim Beam Stop On T The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Travel Thursday. This is my Fifth stop on the KBT.  My husband is highly interested in bourbon, whiskey, stills, distillation, and overall production process. I have gone along with him on many a spirits tour.Make the trek, you too can visit the stars! Jim Beam is a fantastic stop and very convenient to I-65.

Passport to Fun

Passport to Fun

Stamp your passport at each stop and get a free T-shirt after completion.

In 1999, The Kentucky Distiller’s Association started The Kentucky Bourbon Trail aka The Bourbon Trail. There is currently a series of 9 Distilleries on the trail. The website for the trail speaks to sharing “the art and science of crafting” as well as pride and tradition.  The Kentucky countryside and people are wonderful. Random Fact; This state boasts more bottles of bourbon than people.

The Road In, JIm Beam

The Road In, JIm Beam

The grounds are very well preserved and groomed. I bet it’s gorgeous in the summer.

Spring  2014 283

Fantastic tour, this may have been my favorite tour, (excluding meeting THE Jimmy Russell).



This tour is very well organized and informative.  Great displays.

Spring  2014 173

Tourism brings in 2.5 million visitors from all 50 States as well as 25 countries.  This process is quite interesting but here is where you lose me;  All whiskey isn’t Bourbon but all Bourbon is Whiskey. Then there is Kentucky Bourbon. Got that? Add in a million factors like water, climate, barrels and words like mash, rye and barrel time, and my mind wanders; where to eat, what was that blooming tree outside and I just want to know one thing, what gets you to warp speed?”

Spring  2014 151

Super high tech and very clean.

Spring  2014 149

On the day that I visited, they were making Knob Creek. Made in limited quantities and is said to give you the flavor of bourbon pre-prohibition.

Spring  2014 186

Someone was able to participate in the corking of the barrel.

Spring  2014 165

More participation

Spring  2014 201

You are able to mark your own bottle, watch it go through the line and purchase.



Spring  2014 262

Coolest high tech tasting.  You get tokens and put them into one of these gadgets and it automatically fills your glass. I was a total virgin to that. And then there was a really fun  place to eat. Pulled Pork smoked right there for all to smell.

Of course there is a shop on the grounds.  It was really fantastic!

Spring  2014 272

Other fine views.

Keepin Watch

Keepin Watch

Of course, I like to include some fun. I love my Irish.

Spring  2014 234

Cute lil museum area

There were so many great sights on this grounds. For a few more snaps, check out my Instagram

MEGASTARS 5 ***** I simply can’t wait to get back to the beautiful hills of Kentucky to get a few more stamps on my passport.Awesome MEGASTOP


  1. Do as I say, not as I do. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail website has a great planner to maximize your time. There are apps and maps, I had none of these.( I have downloaded the app whichis available for I Phone and can’t wait to use it next visit!) “Simple..Logic.”
  2. As a destination, plan for at least three days. I have popped in and out over the years. That works well also.
  3. Do pick up a passport at your first distillery; this will help you keep track of your stops as things get blurry.   You may also request one by mail.
  4. Remember said Passport.
  5. Most importantly, be safe! The roads can be curvy around the beautiful countryside. “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER”
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