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Is This Place Even Real? Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

“Far Away Friday” and  Post Pt. 2 of 4 on a few of my stops in Bavaria, Germany. Rothenburg was so beautiful, I felt as if I was walking in a picture book or a Disney setting.    While driving along The Romantic Road, I had only planned to buzz through this city.

Europe trip 098

Hit the brakes!

This road is actually romantic!

This road is actually romantic!

I would have liked to stay there for at least one overnight. I had not intended to write a separate post on this town. But OH the photos with my point and shoot. If only I were a real photographer.


Interesting architecture everywhere.

What is fabulous about this town is that it is a 12th century Medieval with the castle still standing. For me, it stands out from other cities that I have visited.



You can actually walk on the walls

Europe trip 190



Outstanding views!

It was well preserved and literally picture perfect for many reasons. One thing that I did not see in my tourist pamphlet was that this city was significant in Nazi History. It was touted as “The Most German of German Towns.” Rothenburg exemplified the ideology of a picture perfect family German life. In October of 1938, Jewish citizens were expelled.   In 1945 during WWII Rothenburg was bombed but thanks to the foresight of an American U.S. Secretary of War, bombing and further damage to this city was halted.

Of course, there is the food in storybook settings!


Famous for a “Rothenburger Schneeballen” (also knows as Fränkische Schneeballen) “Snowball Cake in English. This German treat is rolled up pastry with icing on top. Meh, but I had to try.   Lots of fantastic things to see and taste.

Europe trip 137.jpg

There is fun specialty shopping in this area. Lots of Christmas places.  I didn’t shop on this trip but it was fun to people watch and window shop.

but there is always window shopping for funny random things. Found this little number in an antique shop. Love the toenails!

Europe trip 213


Interesting cultural facts. Did you know that this town was in the following movies; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows and more?

MEGASTARS ***** I seem to be on a roll with the 5 stars. I know that this place is “touristy” But c’mon, I am not a rock star. I liked this visit a whole lot.


  1. There is more than one Rothenburg in Germany. Go to the right one. Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  2. Anti social ish? Stay the night here (like I did not) I bet the evening and mornings would find the streets less full.
  3. In St. Jakob’s Church there is a 500 year old wood carved art piece, check it out.
  4. Maybe do a day hike along the Tauber, River, the valley  looks gorgeous.
  5. Want those boots? Buy them when you see them. Check out the hours that the businesses are open. The shop that I was interested closed for noon hour and did not seem to open after that. Not open at all on Sunday.
  6. Check out the Medieval Double Bridge that was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I ran out of time)
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