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Meg Tip Toe’d Through The Tulips-Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands.

Far Away Friday.  Keukenhof  was  #1 on my garden visit bucket list. Thanks Tiny Tim for inspiring me to tip-toe through the tulips. i did it!

I'm not kidding, I actually DID tiptoe in some ricking boots

I’m not kidding, I actually DID tiptoe in some ricking boots

So one day in May, My dream became a reality.

Welcome to Keukenhof

Welcome to Keukenhof

It’s difficult to pick my favorite photos. I took 586 photos at this garden and kept a few hundred. I only had my Droid phone and a lil Canon point and shoot. The gardens are colorful,quiet,inspiring and out of this world beautiful. Check out my Instagram soon for more photos.

I learned that there are 7 million bulbs and 800 varieties of tulips. And, they are donated by growers for the rights to be “exclusive” and planted by volunteers.  This is genius and what makes this place the best spring garden in the world. Way to go Netherlands!



When you walk onto the grounds you noticed paths lined with beds of tulips in every color and in every direction.



Europe Holland 164

Some are straight and some curve like a river-bed

Europe Holland 194

or a sea!

good holl 27

The color is so vivid.

europe garden 3

And yet, I love seeing some of my photos in black and white

europe garden 18

europe garden 9

There are many varieties of tulips.

Europe Holland 122

And of course many other bulbs and flowers.

Europe Holland 337

With every great garden, there is great art. Of course, it is the Netherlands and the bikes represent. I took this pic with my phone and it is one of m y favorites.

europe garden 14

My personal favorite

My personal favorite

And the unconventional which includes blood and bondage. IDK but there is inspiration for every gardener.

Europe Holland 243

There are also fountains

good holl 26

Europe Holland 111

Each year there are exhibits both inside and outside. Made me respect how much work goes into this garden each and every year since 1949.

Europe Holland 297

I absolutely LOVED this grill area.

Europe Holland 342

The camping area

Europe Holland 317

I would love to replicate this outdoor room. Check out the walls made of river rock and wire mesh type walls-Awesome!

Europe Holland 353 Europe Holland 357

A windmill is incorporated into this Dutch garden. Gorgeous!

good holl awesome 1

One can tour the tulip fields in a silent boat.  I did not do this so it is my #1 MEGatip -Do this!

good holl 29

Beautiful and inspiring. I wish all of you  gardener ‘s a visit to Keukenhof. We have some mighty big shoes  to fill! Thanks Keukenhof!

Europe Holland 107

MEGastars I give this garden 5***** stars. It is a world premier garden and I am so happy that I made this mecca.


  1. Take the boat tour of the tulip fields.
  2. GO to this garden and walk around.
  3. There is food on the grounds. Spend the day!
  4. Visit the indoor exhibits.
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