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When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens-A & P Social, Montgomery,Alabama

Tasty Tuesday-

I play “100 dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die. It gets a little confusing for me because there are something like 247 actual dishes listed in the pamphlet.  Recently, an app has been developed and a restaurant named True’s just popped up on this list.

I had heard good things about True, Oprah ate there.  On “The 100 List” is a dish called the Roasted Beet Plate-fresh local beets with a zesty vinaigrette, extra virgin olive oil, a dusting of candied pecan ash and creamy Stone Hollow Goat Cheese. Yum!However, when I arrived, I couldn’t find the restaurant. Come to find out, Chef Wesley True left Montgomery and is now in Atlanta.

However, when I arrived, I couldn’t find this restaurant. Come to find out, Chef Wesley True had left Montgomery and is now in Atlanta. No more True.

Now called The A&P Social, after the former grocery chain store that was located in this very same spot. As an FYI, when I was a child, I had begged my Mom to go to Michigan from Wisconsin to get me A&P peanut butter, since our local store had closed. There was probably a closer store but I was a kid and kids can be weird. So I may have felt connected from the beginning of my meal .

Karma struck. I learned after this visit that Chef Miguel Figueroa has located to the former True to take over as head Chef.  The beet salad was not on this wonderful menu.  I had a difficult time choosing my meal from the fantastic menu.  There were amazing specials and fresh Gulf Seafood. I have been into hummus, oysters and macaroni and cheese lately. Random.

For starters, I chose the Black Eyed Pea Hummus, with roasted garlic oil and super delicious gourmet sesame crackers. One Word-YUM!



For my meal, I chose two sides. 1/2 dozen Grilled Oysters-parmesan,parsley,Sriracha garlic butter, served with really delicious grilled bread.  This was a super fun try. The waiter gave me a helpful tip, turn the oysters over onto bread and let the juices settle on the bread. WOW! 5 MEGastars *****



And the A&P Mac & Cheese-smoked gouda, cheddar, ham, collards, lima beans.  I got the last serving of the day, and it was also a fun try. Being a Wisconsin girl, I might add a little more creamy cheese, but don’t get me wrong, I loved this gourmet Mac & Cheese.  The lima beans gave the dish a great texture. Great presentation. 4 MEGastars ****

A&P Mac & Cheese

A&P Mac & Cheese

My husband ordered an Old Fashioned and he liked it.  We are too picky on our old-fashioned drinks to comment or rate. (a Wisconsin specialty and there are blogs about this subject, no joking.)

He started with Harvest Salad-fresh pulled greens, soft boiled farm egg, cherry tomatoes, avocado, smoked bacon blue cheese, garlic vinaigrette. He let me try a bite. This salad was out of this world.    My husband thought it was the best salad that he had ever eaten. He doesn’t much like tomatoes nor avocado but he ate every last bite. Thanks to Chef Michael for opening this door further! Next time I visit I may have this salad with fried oysters.  Chicken can also be added.  5 MEGastars *****



For his main course. Ribeye grilled with chimichurri sauce,  house cut fries and brussel sprouts. When the food came out there was zucchini  and not brussel sprouts. Ran out? The meat was a tad bit overcooked for med rare but he also enjoyed this dish a whole lot.  4 MEGastars ****
My accidental visit to A & P was a stroke of luck.  I am going to add this on to my list for dining in Montgomery.  The more I age and the more I dine out, I find that I want food that is interesting, will be useful in my body and not overpowered with salt.  I loved that there are fresh Gulf seafood dishes and enough sides for me to choose my perfect meal.      My dining experience here is 5 MEGastars *****. I am going back soon.  June 25th is National Catfish Day and they have a Tempura Fried Catfish – white BBQ sauce, brussel slaw and hush puppies. Yes, please

I wish the app for “100 Dishes” would remove the places that have closed.  I know after doing this for the third time that I need to check out the places ahead of my visit.


  1.  In Montgomery? EAT HERE!
  2. The Harvest Salad was outstanding.
  3. Someone at the table next to me was into the Smoked Tuna Dip & Pickled Okra and it looked fantastic.
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