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Chicken And Wishes At Martin’s-100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die

Fried Chicken at Martin’s Restaurant in Montgomery.

MEGabite# 20 or 81 on the countdown of 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.


Southern fare served in meat and three style, has been serving it up since 1930. The awards lining the wall are a testament to the dedication in sharing this fantastic fare. Frequently named in the ‘best of” category by the local Montgomery Advertiser and National accolades have been given by the likes of Travel and Leisure Magazine and Garden and Gun Magazine loved their biscuits. (yes there is such a magazine.)


Awards galore

A casual restaurant, with a sign that says no dress code, I noticed a steady flow of people picking up to go bags.


Casual dining

The menu varies daily with home-style foods such as; catfish, meatloaf, turkey with dressing, beef tips and homemade chicken and dumplings.  MEGabite #20 let me try that fried chicken.The meat is moist; the skin is crispy and lightly seasoned.


Served with three side choices or one side order and a salad. I went for Southern fare; fried okra, turnip greens and sweet potato casserole. The extensive and interesting side choices rotate on the menu.   This is pure genius because I want to try many of these.

Everything on my plate was exceptional.  Generally, I eat healthy so I can leave sweet potato casserole, but this sweet potato casserole was like none that I have ever tried. Melt in your mouth, like a dessert.

A better look at those biscuits that Gun and Garden loved.


I was a “pulley bone” virgin and I had lots of fun. An ancient European tradition where two people pull on the ends of the bone and make a wish while pulling on the ends of the bone. The person with the longest portion of the bone, get’s their wish.   Who doesn’t love this tradition?


Somehow they bread and fry the pulley bone with pieces of meat from both adjacent breasts. This boggles my mind. I brought my pulley bone home and 48 hours the bone was ready to be snapped and I once again remembered how delicious this meal was. Oh, and I got the short end, twice!

MEGastars; 5 *****

*MEGastar for a great and interesting stop.

*** MEGastars for really good food and super friendly service that exceeded my expectations.

*MEGastar because I nearly died when I ate that sweet potato casserole. These dishes meet the criteria of serving local food with great pride.


  1. Get the chicken. The end
  2. You are able to see the rotating side dish menu on the website.
  3. I took my wishbone home. idk, I was taught as a baby to dry out my wishbone aka pulleybone because it has more snap.
  4. Make a wish!

*100 Dishes to eat in Alabama before you die is a compilation of food to chow down on Bama style. Thanks to Tourism Alabama, my Alabama bucket list just became a little easier. I am going to have some fun while making my way like Ms. Pacman, in yet another state that I call home. Download the alphabetical brochure that begins in Abbertville and ends in York. From the little old diner to the white cloth joint, it is an opportunity to explore and experience pride in the food from restaurateurs who are dedicated to local food with some Alabama style. From BBQ to James Beard recipients. I use a 5 MEGastar system. If I give one of these dishes a 5th star, it means, I nearly died and went to heaven eating the dish, Loved it and don’t you miss it!

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