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Pink Jeep Tour and A Girl’s Day Out in Sedona, Arizona

At the 11th hour, we hopped in the truck, cranked up the tunes, rolled down the windows and headed up I-17 towards the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

It all began when my niece decided to opt out of golf for one day while in the Phoenix, Arizona area. I offered to take her on an adventure and listed several choices. Not only was she interested in a jeep tour, my sister-in-law decided to adventure with us and “Girl’s Day Out” was on.   Pink Jeep tour day was born.

On the way to Sedona we phoned Pink Jeep Tours and learned that many of the tours for the day were already booked.   It was spring break week, Easter week and spring baseball training; a tourism trifecta!  Oh, and Pink Jeep Tours is rated 4th best tour in the U.S. by Trip Advisor. We settled on a 5 p.m. tour of The Canyon Rim, since that was all that was available.   We were glad to secure a spot and this gave us some time to poke around the place.  It is your basic tourism shopping area with a few Sedona touches.  There are a few unique shops and interesting businesses that give Sedona a personality.  My sister in-law and niece enjoyed shopping.


Me,  I had visited this area a few years back so I walked up and down the streets, longing for the hills and checking out the fantastic art pieces.





We had stopped at one of the tourism information sites on the way into Sedona and got some quick advice and a coupon for a lunch spot at The Cowboy Club.  We chose this spot because it sat in the downtown creek area and had a fantastic view. I wasn’t keen on the place until I dug into their menu.  This place serves High-desert cuisine. A menu with local foods, organic and daily hand-cut Angus  and smoked meats. I had a fantastic salad with salmon, and let me tell you their home-made cornbread and honey-chipotle butter is to die for.  I could have eaten the entire loaf!  The town was hopping and we did have to wait 50 minutes, it certainly was perfect for us and worth the wait.


The day passed rather quickly and we found the meeting area downtown.


Not a bad office view!


We joined up by luck with an adult family that was visiting from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This is about 30 min from my home-town and where my niece and one of the girls attend University. We knew it would be fun. Our tour guide was super chill and knowledgeable. She drove the custom-built Jeep Wrangler out of town like a real girl!


We hit the bumpy trail and she drove that bad girl up The Mogollon Rim along the Bear Wallow Canyon to Merry Go Round Rock. From 500-1500 ft, we learned that this historic Munds Trail is actually located in The Coconino National Forest. Currently named Schnebly Hill Road, it was once a wagon trail that connected Sedona with Flagstaff.

Our tour guide was able to tell us about the rock formations, their names, legends and facts about the high desert.  She spoke to the animals of the forest and holistic plant uses of the indigenous peoples  and of the Sedona area vortex phenomena.  Sedona has been known as a new age place and I will be writing about my own vortex search in a future blog.


We stopped for photo opportunities of the town of Sedona and Verde Valley. The tour guide was able to show us some fantastic photo tips and also pointed out opportunities.  As we made our way down the trail and back into town, the sun was setting and the light on the spires and cliffs of the red rocks began to change.   It’s hard to miss a spritual feeling in this setting. I couldn’t help but feel thankful for the two fantastic women in my life.

As we headed out of town in that truck, windows down and music playing, each of us spoke to our great day in those hills.

MEGastars *****   for a memorable day in a pink jeep with a wonderful guide to help us cover some miles.


  1. Do travel with pink jeeps.   I learned from their website that the tour guides are certified in first aid and CPR. They also go through extensive training and most are Certified Interpretive Guides.   I loved that this company values stewardship of the land.
  2. Book ahead!  There are many different tours available and it is a great way to become introduced to this area quickly. ie Touch The Earth Vortex Tours, Ancient Ruins Tours and Canyon tours.  Pink Jeep Tours Sedona. Description, prices and booking information.
  3. It is a bumpy ride.  You should be able to be bounced around and physically able to hold on!    The other family had Grandma who rode in the front seat for a more secure ride.  The tour guide was very interested in our comfort and provided blankets and water id needed.
  4. Bring a camera, always wear sunscreen and  drink water.
  5. Don’t drive your car up in them hills.  We seriously saw this old dude in his buck weaving in and out of the bumpy road that held many protruding rocks.  The tour guide when on to tell many stories of ruined cars and large tow truck bills; if they can get to you.  We did see 4WD trucks and jeeps doing their own tour as well as many other touring companies. Leave No Trace!
  6. I recommend The Cowboy Club for meals.
  7. The Sedona area holds fantastic cuisine wit wide variety.  There were so many places that I would love to try.  I returned a few days later and got a recommend from a local Mexican cuisine lover, and ate at 89Agave.  I note the reviews are mixed, I had a good experience.



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