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Torn Between Three Lovers,National French Fry Day at Flip Burger Boutique

It is National French Fry Day, however, let me tell you about my visit to Flip Burger Boutique, three of the best foods that happen to be in one place and how I was torn between three lovers.

Last week, I sat down with my houseguests to watch FYI’s Food Porn. The host of this show, Michael Chernow  is in search of the most buzzed about and #hashtagged foods on social media, he investigates why they are so insanely popular.

On the S1 E5 episode called “Lining Up for Yummy,” the host and New York Restauranteur visits Flip Burger Boutique to investigate and taste the Spanish inspired chorizo burger. By the way, when the host bites into an amazing food, porn music is played. I love this show.

Although I had previously visited Flip Burger Boutique, after watching this episode I was inspired to visit once again. Plus, there just happens to be a Flip burger at my all-time favorite mall.

flipburgeroutsideThe Summit of Birmingham is cray cray gorgeous.  Just look at the views from Flip Burger outside dining area.


Let me begin by quoting from the Flip website “Leave your typical burger joint notions at the door. We take the American classic and flip it on its head to deliver a unique culinary experience on a bun. FLIP is all about creating a modern, imaginative, chef-driven dining experience that gives all your senses a night out.”

Does your burger place have televisoins in funky frames?


From the minute that you walk in the door, you realize that indeed, this is not your Daddy’s burger place. The decor is funky, modern, sophisticated and yet comfortable.   The ceilings have graffiti-like painting, leather banquettes with disco ball-like lights, white tables and stainless steel near the kitchen.

And then there is this fantastic menu with something for everyone including vegetarian options. There are special off-menu burgers listed on a framed chalkboard. The special at this time was a Southwest Bison Burger.

And then there is this cray-cray interesting sides menu. With house made potato chips served with root beer onion dip, Dr. Pepper baked beans, vodka baked onion rings and sweet potato tots, poutine and so on, I found it was difficult to choose, but since it is National French Fry Day.  When my daughter visits me in Alabama, I am going to take her here and watch her FLIP over that poutine.  We lived in Canada.


The Beef Fat French Fries are served with Smoked Mayo/Ketchup and were over the top delicious. The smoked mayo literally gave me a Meg Ryan moment. I had to put it on my burger and ask what it was made from.

And this brings me to the burgers that are made from carefully sourced Black Angus Beef. Of course, the burger menu is equally as interesting as the sides menu. For example, the burger chosen on the Food Porn episode was the chorizo-spiced pork, hash browns, fried egg, manchego, Spanish paprika, almond romesco, smoked mayo. However, I chose the Earth + Turf which is made up of a mushroom & beef blend, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, pickles, mushroom mayo. Oh and I dipped a few bites in that smoked mayo and was torn between those two lovers. Just YUM!

My friend had the Oaxaca burger that was made up with Angus beef, avocado, cilantro-lime mayo, queso fresco, pico de gallo. She said it was above outstanding.


If I ever owned a restaurant, i would have these white tables and plates, even a rookie can take a food photo and the food just looks more appetizing, like the star of the show.

Now here is where this love-fest turned into a threesome. The shakes are literally conjured up by a sorcerer to rock your world. With choices like Krispy Kreme, Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow, Cap’n Crunch, Turtle and Strawberry Shortcake, they are pretty hard to resist. I am thankful that my friend ordered the Krispy Kreme. I would not have ordered this yumminess, since well, I am a woman of a certain age and must choose my calories accordingly. But, holy moly was it out of this magical, like for real!

And, here is where the sorcery comes into the story.


Flip has what they term an innovative N2 milkshake that is said to be some of the best in the nation.


Not only does it look cool, there is actually a texture change that takes place with this process.

This photo of my friend’s shake to go shows the texture.


I am going to go out on a limb and say that Flip is now my favorite holy trinity made up of the burger, fries, AND shake.  I think when I first tried the place, I chose a trio of sliders to try and for the price point, I just wasn’t feeling the love.  However, after this visit, I have changed my mind.  Honestly, I am excited to taste other foods there and look forward to a return visit.  I need to mention that our waiter was outstanding.

I am not the only person who is so into this place.


I am not the only one who is into this place. With accolades such as top-ten burgers in the nation, one of the best lunches in the U.S., top-ten best shakes in the country and of course, best french fries in the U.S., I now understand why I was given this happy ending. Thanks, Chernow!

I have to say that I was not familiar with Chef Richard Blaise. My guests were, my son is. So now I must apologize for my ignorance, I just don’t happen to watch the shows on television. I have been to celebrity chef restaurants and have left unimpressed, this visit opened my mind to a whole other world.

Here are a few things that I have learned. This Chef has “.. received national acclaim as the winner of Bravo’s season 8 ‘Top Chef All-Stars.’ In addition, he’s appeared on Bravo’s ‘Top Chef: Chicago’ , the Food Network’s ‘Iron Chef America’, and host’s Upwave’s ‘Cook Your Ass Off.’”…  Since I am yet in a state of ignorance, let me quote the bio on the website “FLIP’s creative director, chef Richard Blais, is known for his inventive and light-hearted approach to cooking, consistently challenging the definition of “burger” by selecting new and unique ingredients that surprise and delight traditionalists and culinary thrill-seekers alike. His progressive approach leads the development of our seasonal menus and monthly burger specials.” [2]

I noted that the website did not begin with the celebrity chef,  rather the place, the food, and the staff.  I have the utmost respect for this inspiring person and Chef.  I bow to that!


MEGastars 5 of 5 ***** If I had more stars in my skies, i would let them shine here.


  1. Locations are in Atlanta, Georgia, Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennesssee.
  2. Check out the milkshake being made in Birmingham on YouTube.
  3. Just order everything.

Source and link to the website.

[1] [2] Flip Burger Boutique


















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