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A Packer Fan And The Other Hail Mary

Hail Mary as bigger than a stadium seat at the Georgia Dome

On a Saturday night in Georgia, this was not quite the Hail Mary that I was expecting during the Packer-Falcon playoff game.

As a visitor to another NFL stadium, the game started out as it generally does with fun banter between the fans and the pre-game photos.


It was fun to watch the last game in the Georgia Dome.


Packer fans in the house. Falcons vs Green Bay 2017

Mike Phillips played the Star Spangled Banner on his saxophone.  It was one of the most fantastic renditions that I have ever heard. Star saxophonist Mike Williams at the Packer-Falcons Playoff Game


Star Spangled Banner at The Georgia Dome

From the kickoff, things did not go as expected as the Green Bay Packers clearly were not playing as they had in weeks prior. For those around me dressed in Green and Gold, we watched that scoreboard run up on the Falcons side and that awful zero on the Green Bay side. We began to assess the possibilities. We discussed how the scenario would play out since there was plenty of time for the greatest of all comebacks. It would, of course, end with an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary to Jordy Nelson and the GBP fans would be giddy with excitement for another chance at winning Super bowl 51.

At some point in time and sensing a looming Green Bay Packer loss, my sweet sister made sure that I would not leave without experiencing that Hail Mary.   She excused herself for a moment and showed up carrying what looked like a pool cue holder with the words Hail Mary written on the side.


Hail Mary as bigger than a stadium seat at the Georgia Dome

This 24″ hot dog topped with pulled pork and barbecue sauce, cole slaw and those crispy fried onions. All of the things that I would not choose to eat (except cole slaw) wrapped up into this two-footer plus bun was actually quite tasty.

Hail Mary as bigger than a stadium seat at the Georgia Dome

Hail Mary as bigger than a stadium seat or a few Falcon fans. At the Georgia Dome

Although it was not the Hail Mary ending that we had hoped for, this Hail Mary was shared with our new Falcon and Packer friends.  We had a great time this season and there is always next year. Go Pack Go!

Much thanks to the friendly Falcon fans that sat around us during this game, in the stadium, and after the game on the streets as we walked to our cars as the Georgia rain poured down on us.

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