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I like Pig Butts And I Can Not Lie-100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die

Pulled Pork at The BBQ Shack in Dothan, is my 91st dish on my quest to eat all 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die. #10 if I am counting down.

Don’t let the shack part scare you.


If you too are a BBQ connoisseur, you likely can not count the number of times, on your sauce-licked fingers, that you visited a place called a “shack.”

Well, this place is kind of a shack.


The BBQ Shack of Dothan Alabama

Located on a busy corner a few miles off of Hwy-231, (“the road that helps you get to the gorgeous Alabama and Florida beaches,”) sits a small cement building with peeling paint, a tin roof, and an open sign, a.k.a. OP sign. There is evidence of a cook house on one side, a covered area with several picnic tables, and a busy drive through.


BBQ Shack Dothan Alabama Picnic Area


BBQ Shack Dothan Alabama Cook Area

The interior matches the exterior, with paint peeling off of the wooden ceiling, handwritten signs and the plastic tables.  The people in line consisted of folks picking up orders to go.



While waiting, I took the time to read a few older newspaper articles on one wall. I learned from a 2011 article that the sauce has been handed down through three generations. By now, it could even be more. I notice another wall had four plaques from years that this establishment was voted “best BBQ in Dothan.”

Walking up to the counter, I grabbed a paper menu and ordered the pulled pork as suggested by Alabama Tourism and two of my three standard dishes for comparison to other BBQ places; the baked beans and potato salad.  I have to say that I was tempted by their Ribeye Plate-$24.95, I love that grilled steak.

Handed my Styrofoam cup, I self-poured my drink from a dispenser and sat down.


The BBQ Shack Dothan Alabama Order Counter


A short time later, the dinner arrived at my table served on a Styrofoam plate with plastic utensils. My husband abhors paying $10.95 for food serve on paper and plastic but I really do not mind.


The BBQ Shack Pulled Pork Plate Dothan, AL



The Rating-

If I were to rate this using my rating scale, I would give this dinner a 3* for an overall rating.

2.5* for average friendly counter service.

2* for décor.

2.5* Pricing– I felt that the price point was a bit high. A perfect example is the $24.95 for the Steak at a self-serve counter and served on a Styrofoam plate is a bit much.  I bet it is fantastic tasting.

However, in my humble opinion, there were a few points that swayed me towards a higher overall rating of 4*.


First, the potato salad was homemade, fresh and cold. Secondly, the baked beans had lots of pulled pork in them, with a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Last but not least, the BBQ was Carolina style. I found the pork to be tender with very few dried ends. Of course, some folks like the ends and others do not. I am neutral on the subject, possibly leaning toward without. Anyway, it had a clean spicy vinegar hint that one does not find in every other BBQ here in Alabama.  I really liked it! Thanks, BBQ Shack.


Sauces of The BBQ Shack in Dothan, AL

There were several bottles of house-made sauce on the table that ranged from mild to hot, a mustard sauce and Carolina hot sauce.

I noticed that the sauces were for sale at the check-out.


Sauces are available for sale at The BBQ Shack in Dothan, AL



MEGastars 4 ****


  1. pork plate was 10.95 and a choice of two sides and a drink.
  2. Located on 2122 Brannon Strand Road, Dothan, Alabama.
  3. I did not find a website but notice that there is a Facebook page.
  4. The restaurant like many Alabama eateries, this restaurant is closed on Sunday’s
  5. There is a sign on the door stating that there is a 3% charge to the customers for credit cards. I noticed in the customer ratings that it was actually 4%.
  6. I also read that the banana pudding is quite delicious.

MEGathoughts-What is Carolina BBQ? and just how is it different?  Carolina, of course, has North and South and each region claims a BBQ style.  Both use pork.  I am unsure exactly how The BBQ Shack makes their pork.  I am strongly guessing that the pork is cooked North Carolina style; brushed with a spice-and-vinegar mixture while cooking.  In central North Carolina, the sauce is usually mustard-based and includes brown sugar and vinegar, and I did notice both sauces offered on the tables.

Oh, and in case you have used this title, be assured that I did not plagiarize….exactly.  This shirt is offered for sale at The BBQ Shack.


T-shirts available at The BBQ Shack in Dothan, Alabama.


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