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How To Escape in Key West

Sauntering Soulful Sunday and how I escaped the madness of the world and  Key West Duval Street.

An orchid in a deep forest sends out its fragrance even if no one is around to appreciate it. -Confucius

Last time that I visited Miami and The Florida Keys, I needed to escape to nature; and took my daughter on a tram that wound through the Everglades National Park.

As the guide stopped to point out alligators, birds, and fauna, my daughter chatted it up with a nice gentleman who was likely in his 70’s.

IMG_1630 Everglades Tram

close quarters. When a grad student is on Spring break

Not exactly the Spring Break that a single graduate student had in mind.  You may read about this visit here. Florida Everglades With a Nerd

So while scootering around Key West with our small biker gang, I may have seen an eye roll when Dad suggested stepping into the Key West Garden Club to have a look, she didn’t balk, because it was Dad, but, that eye roll.

The Key West Garden Club is located in the old West Martello Tower, a National Historic Site.   It is open and free to the public with donations accepted. One mission statement is to share education to the community regarding tropical flora.

The garden is entered through a small brick building and the guests are greeted by a friendly volunteer who offers to answer any questions. The path winds through the building with collections of books, displays of plants, and historical photos of the club history and survival of hurricanes.


The Key West Garden Club

Stepping into the garden, I felt the instant calmness in the air amongst shade from the many trees including this Banyan Tree.


Those trees! Shady gardens of The Key West Garden Club

As I saunter, I wonder what their story is?


These trees are story-book like. I wonder what they could tell? Banyan Trees, Key West


Trees of The Key West Garden Club


Trees of The Key West Garden Club

The path wound past a butterfly and hummingbird garden.


The Key West Garden Club Butterfly Garden

The plants and red colors will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

keys butterfly garden

The Key West Garden Butterfly Garden


Canna Lily Bulbs at the Key West Garden Club-Butterfly Garden

I moved past the many tropical flowers.


Tropical Flowers of The Key West Garden Club

And Tropical Cacti


Cacti of the Key West Garden Club

However, as my heart rate slowed through the zen-like garden, this is possibly where I lost my daughter to a quiet corner of the many hidden gardens.


Quiet spots to sit in The Key West Garden Club Room with a view.


One of the quiet spots to sit in The Key West Garden Club.


As I sauntered onward, I took in one of the highlights; the many orchid species.  Even though I have several orchids, I really do not know very much about them.  I do know that they fascinate me.  When I was in my 20’s, I had a young co-worker Nurse who had an orchid hobby.  I thought she was weird at the time.  And now, this memory helps me to empathize with my daughter.


Orchids of The Key West Garden Club


Colorful orchids in The Key West Garden Club

I can understand how they have fascinated artists, poets, writers, and philosophers alike.


Close-up of an Orchid at The Key West Garden Club


An orchid in a deep forest sends out its fragrance even if no one is around to appreciate it. -Confucius

Speaking of gardens, I have never remained in one place long enough to have a zen garden.  My dream home has one.  It will be a quiet place to reflect, one that brings instant calm to the mind.  I was very inspired by these stalks of possibly bamboo that were carved so that the wind brought them to life through a deep calming sound.

I called my daughter over to admire the sound.  She did.  I would like to think garden visits are rubbing off on her.


A sound garden made with? bamboo wind flutes at The Key West Botanical Garden. I loved these!

Building these will be my summer project. I dislike crafts, wish me luck.  If anyone out there knows what these are, please give me a write!

MEGastars: 5 *****


  1. The garden is located on Key West where White Street meets The Atlantic Ocean.
  2. The link will give you details needed for a visit to the Gardens. The Key West Garden Club
  3. Please give a donation to help support this non-profit volunteer group.
  4. Practice Peace
  5. Protect our natural resources.
  6. Interested in The Florida Keys?  Here is one of my other writes. Kicking It In Key West On The Cheap and Meg Visits Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum – Key West Florida










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