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My Small Alabama Town Went Roman-MPK Restaurant

Tasty Tuesday

Generally, on Tuesday’s, I write about my quest to try all of the dishes listed on Tourism Alabama’s 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.

  But, I have my own favorites and Midtown Pizza Kitchen of Prattville and Montgomery Alabama is one of my MEGapicks.

To begin with, Chef Christophe Zagaglia, arrived from Rome to Montgomery Alabama, via Boston. You know the story, boy meets girl, falls in love, has a family and moves to the hometown of his wife so that the children will be near family. [1]

I have done the same. Except, that I am not a Venice Italy award winning pizza chef schooled in Rome. So there is that. I am, however, happy that I get to visit Chef Christophe’s restaurant.

It is a great place to hang out. I visit often with a group of friends and consider myself to be a good testament to the food, the staff, and the reputation of this establishment.

It is not a large place. With indoor and outdoor seating, banquette style, bar area, and freestyle tables; they always seem to get their customers seated. The tables are neatly covered with white paper cloths.

They have draft beers and feature local brews. That’s kind of a big deal. When I first moved to Alabama, my city did not have draft beer, which blocked many restaurants from opening shop in the city. They have many specials including “Wine Wednesday,” when the wine is half-off both by the glass and bottle.

One of the reasons that my group of friend’s likes to visit MPK is the assortment of fantastic appetizers.   They have a Pizza Oven, so that crust and their bread is outstanding.  This is probably the favorite of our group of friends.


Cheese Bread from Midtown Pizza Kitchen, Prattville, AL- Cheese bread with Marinara Sauce

My personal favorite is probably the Hummus (not pictured.)  It is served with Pita bread and for $1.75, I always add their fresh vegetables.  I make my own hummus, and their bean and chickpea hummus dish is as delicious as my own!

My third favorite has to be the Bruschetta. Made with their oven-cooked baguette, cherry tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil, topped off with their balsamic glaze and freshly-grated Parmesan cheese.

mpk bruschetta

Midtown Pizza Kitchen Bruschetta Prattville, AL

The Garlic Crostini is a baguette topped with mozzarella and parmesan, served over Arugula.  I love this one!

mpk app

Midtown Pizza Kitchen Garlic Crostini. Prattville, AL

There are fantastic salads offered but I always go back to their pizza. I love it!  I visited last week and our group ordered six different pizzas.  Unfortunately, I did not take any photos on that visit.  From a past visit, I took a photo of the small pizza.  This size is perfect for me because I love to choose my own toppings and “build my own.”  MPK offers specialty pizzas.  On one visit, I tried this specialty pizza.

MPK za

The VY-Spinach, Fennel Sausage, Artichokes, Cherry Tomato, Provolone, Red Sauce Midtown Pizza Kitchen

I am a pizza purist.  I like marinara sauce and Mozzarella cheese. I have spoken to this quirk on prior blogs. My brother-in-law owns a pizza restaurant in another state, and while visiting last week, he ordered a specialty pizza called the Zelda. Made with; Fennel Sausage, Gorgonzola & Mozzarella, Sauce Bianca.  I was able to get a bite and I really loved it. In fact, it also passed his taste test.

MPK and Chef Christophe also offer an incredible menu of pasta, with several vegetarian options such as; Five Cheese Baked Macaroni, Eggplant Parmesan, and Vegetable Lasagna. They also offer specials of the day. I have tried the seafood pasta in light garlic EVOO sauce and it was fantastic!


Midtown Pizza Kitchen Seafood Pasta special of the day!


  1. [1]The MPK website has fantastic photos, the menu, and any other information needed for your visit. MPK Kitchen
  2. I love their grilled asparagus. AND, the make it without salt special for me!
  3. MPK also has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.
  4. Want to learn more about pizza Neapolitan style? 14 Facts That Rocked My Neapolitan Pizza World

MEGastars 5 *****

One of the MPK statement’s read  “At Midtown Everyone Is Famiglia.”The staff is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, efficient, and super friendly. The manager always makes sure that everything is perfect.


One of the MPK statement’s read  “At Midtown Everyone Is Famiglia.”The staff is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, efficient, and super friendly. The manager always makes sure that everything is perfect.


Always clean and a view of that nice pizza ovens!

LOCATIONS 5/5 There are two. 

  1. The Prattville location is in a Strip Mall near I-65, visitors to the city of Prattville for the many Robert Trent Jones Golf Tournaments, contractors that work at the large Papermill, and other visitors to Prattville, can easily access this restaurant. It is my recommendation for the hands down best pizza in town.
  2. The Montgomery location is also super convenient for residents and visitors.

FOOD 5/5

Fresh food, local ingredients made with “Old-World Style.” I have NEVER had a less than perfect experience.  Best Pizza and Best Italian Food in Prattville.

Price – 5/5

High-quality ingredients, hand-crafted pizza, Chef-made menu, and the pizza oven are just a few reasons that give the customer an experience with a fair price point. Example, the cheese bread is $6.00, a fair price for a fresh oven baked appetizer with housemade Marinara sauce.

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