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Jubilee Seafood

Tasty Tuesday at Jubilee Seafood Restaurant in Old Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery Alabama. 

Generally, on Tuesday’s, I write about my quest to taste all of the foods on Alabama Tourism’s 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die; but through friends, I found another reason to love living in Alabama!

However, last week, my friend chose the restaurant for our night out and my heart went BOOM.   Jubilee Seafood will now be new “go-to” restaurant for seafood in the South Central Alabama.  This is where I will be bringing all of my guests who wish to eat Alabama Seafood. 

I had driven near the place many times but simply never noticed the humble building.  On a typical Wednesday night, the place was packed with customers. According to the restaurant’s website, this restaurant has been featured in USA Today and acknowledged by the New York Times.  So how this restaurant located so geographically close to me was off my radar is your best guess.  I almost don’t want to tell you about it so that I can get a place at the table. 

There is an everyday menu and a changing daily menu.  The seafood arrives daily bringing in bounty from the nearby coast.  This is a big plus when you live in Alabama.  Initially, we visited so that my friends could get the Florida fresh in-season softshell crab.  However, they had just run out of that scrumptious crustacean.   Meaning, we are going back A.S.A.P. 

From the specials menu, we chose four appetizers.  I tend to love fresh Alabama Oysters because I love their plucked from the water taste.  However, these baked oysters were outstanding.  Just enough flavor with respect to the oyster. An impressive start!  

Baked Oysters Jubilee


Jubilee Seafood Baked Oyster Jubilee

 The Watermelon Salad was made with Arugula, watermelons, Feta cheese, almonds, and a white-wine vinegarette.  It was so yummy that I duplicated it at home.

Jubilee Arugula Salad

Jubilee Seafood Watermelon Salad

Then, there was the Fresh Pecan-Smoked Tuna Dip, served with a side of crackers but I could have eaten the entire dish.  Really fantastic!


Jubilee Seafood Fresh Pecan Smoked Tuna Dip

Four people in my party chose four different fish entrees.  Served with a side of wild rice mixture and coleslaw, we were able to taste each outstanding fish!

My order of Sauteed Tripletail fish topped with Lump Crab and Lemon Butter Sauce was, I think, the best.


Jubilee Seafood Tripletail Fish with Lump Crab

Fish lesson #1.  Tripletail fish is also found in The Gulf area.  I have never fished these lovelies but they are described as having a dinosaur age appearance and three fins that look like a tail.  Hence, Tripletail. A flaky texture with a sweet taste.

Grilled Destin Pampano Filet served with Tarragon Butter. 


Jubilee Seafood Destin Pampano Fish with Tarragon Butter.

Fish lesson #2. Yes, I had to look up this fish species.  The Pompano fish, also called Florida and Golden Pompano Fish, of course, Destin Florida is just minutes from the Alabama state line. This Gulf Coast saltwater fish is a sustainable species and has a mild flavor that Chefs love to use. But wait, it get’s better.  Pompano is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids making this a healthy choice.  Just Yum!

Blackened REDFISH with Cajun Popcorn Shrimp and L.A. Pepper Cream Sauce (Not sure if L.A. means Lower Alabama vs Louisiana.  Likely Louisiana.)


Jubilee Seafood Blackened Redfish with Cajun Popcorn Shrimp and L.A. Pepper Sauce

Fish Lesson #3  REDFISH is also known as; Channel Bass, Spottail Bass, Red Bass, Spotted Bass, Bull Redfish, Oyster Drum, Sea DrumFish.  Whatever it is called it is a firm fish; the type that has great big flakes, with a mild, sweet, delicious flavor.  Although this fish is also found along the Alabama-Florida Gulf Coast, the species was diminished in the past and only fished in certain areas. 

Grilled Sesame Crusted YELLOWFIN TUNA with Wasabi Ginger Sauce


Jubilee Seafood Grilled Sesame Crusted Yellowfin Tuna with Wasabi Ginger Sauce

Fish Lesson #4 YELLOWFIN TUNA – Living in Alabama, I have had the good fortune of tasting this Gulf Coast species many times. YFT is a subspecies of Ahi Tuna. It has a firm texture and also will have large flakes, and is often used in sashimi. A mild to medium flavor.  And wait, it gets better.  A healthy seafood also low in saturated fat and salt.  Rich in Magnesium, vitamins B-6 and B-12, and a great source of Omega-3 Fatty acids.  It had me at Wasabi and sesame.

But wait, it gets better irresistible and sweeter.  With four friends, dessert is possible.  We didn’t even split them this time.  We sampled each dessert.  The desserts too were outstanding!

Mine was again, probably my favorite. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Pecan-praline sauce. I can’t even!


Jubilee Seafood Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Pecan-Praline Sauce.

This Key Lime Pie with Meringue was also outstanding and certainly deserved a better photo.  Note to self.


Jubilee Seafood key Lime Pie With Meringue Sauce

Ditto on the photo of this delicious Bread Pudding with white chocolate chips and Frangelico sauce.  Really, really, delicious!


Jubilee Seafood Bread Pudding with Frangelico Sauce and White Chocolate Chips

Last but certainly not least, was the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Rasberry Sauce and fresh whipped cream.  Yes, it tasted as good, if not better than it looks.


Jubilee Seafood Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with fresh Whipped Cream and Raspberry Sauce

MEGastars: A solid 5***** Exceptional fresh, Alabama food with Alabama pride.  Class Act!

Ratings –
Service –5 /5 
Decor – 4.5/5 *Note, there were two private dining areas that appeared super comfortable.  I sat in the large room with a bar.  It was humble but clean.
Food – 5/5
Price – 5/5 This is fresh Gulf Seafood. Several of the fish choices could be cooked to order with a variety of fantastic sauces and methods. Featured Items from the daily menu ran from $19.95-$33.95. The latter for a Black Angus Filet.  Some of the appetizers could be eaten for the main entree.
Location – 5/5 

MEGatips –

  1. DO check the chalkboard and the daily specials.
  2. The website is informative and can answer any questions that you may have.
  3. Jubilee Seafood also has a Facebook page.  This is how my friend learned that those elusive Softshells were in Montgomery! Jubilee Seafood Website
  4. They do not take reservations.
  5. Bring your appetite and some friends to try their dessert.  I was stuffed and seriously embarrassed that two of us had to leave a few bites of our dessert. 


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