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Fried Green Tomato BLT 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die

Fried green tomato BLT Sandwich aka Southern BLT at Curry’s on Johnston Street was the 96th dish that I have tasted on my quest to eat all of the 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.

Located in the historic river town of Decatur,


Decatur Alabama sits on the beautiful Tennessee River

Curry’s Restaurant on Johnston Street is located on the lower level of what was once an Opera House. 


Curry’s Restaurant on Johnston Street Decatur, AL

The interior maintains some of the old building’s charm, especially the bright atrium dining room with exposed brick walls.  The light was welcoming on what was an otherwise rainy day!


Curry’s Restaurant Decatur Alabama The porch area

The walls have interesting artwork on display, gourmet food for sale on shelves, and dinner specials that have been pre-made for their customers to take home and cook, as well as baked goodies (that tempted me.) While the takeout customers were picking up deli goods at the counter,  I had a chance to read the many thank you notes on the wall.  

After placing my order at a deli counter, the staff brings the food to your table.


Curry’s Restaurant Fried Green Tomato BLT Sandwich Decatur, AL

The sandwich is served with either potato chips or French fries (not pictured.) Biting into the warm roll, I tasted the fried green tomato first. 

I am somewhat guessing at the breading on the tomatoes.   To me,  it tasted a bit like either a cornmeal batter with either Creole or Italian seasonings, or perhaps Panko with the above seasoning, (but this is a guess) a Cajun aioli sauce, and shredded lettuce.   *See a Fried Green Tomato recipe link in MEGatips.

MEGastars 3 *** for a good sandwich that is not found in every other restaurant.   I would like to have had bacon in each bite of my sandwich, preferably super thick bacon.   Instead, I had to take about four bites to get the bacon with my tomato.  I found the seasoning to be much too overpowering, so much so that I could not discern even a whiff of the Cajun aioli. 


When it comes to my BLT, I am a purist.  For my dream BLT, I like gourmet slab bacon from Nueske’s, the thicker, the better, juicy ripe tomatoes, mayonnaise, and iceberg lettuce on toasted gooey white bread with poor nutritional value.  That’s how I like it. You?

The same goes for my dream FGT BLT, I want those tomatoes to have a bit of crispness, deep-fried but unseasoned or lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, Nueske’s bacon, and dripping with mayo. You know, both slices of bread. Maybe I would choose sourdough bread or perhaps a croissant.   If I went crazy, I might serve it on my favorite Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted Wheat Bread. 


  1. Curry’s chicken salad looked so delicious.  The person at the counter said the chicken salad was THE customer favorite.  I’m in for that on my next visit to Curry’s. MEGapick.
  2. Try the Strawberry Pretzel Salad said to be another customer favorite, what a treat! MEGapick. 
  3. The restaurant is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  The restaurant has a catering business and is available to for events. The website for the restaurant holds menus.Curry’s Restaurant on Johnston Street
  4. Cooking fried green tomatoes at home is really a snap.  There are many variations but I like this simple recipe from Southern Living. Southern Living Fried Green Tomatoes.  If you are culinary challenged, this link has a how-to video.   However, I also love this recipe from Irondale Cafe and DixieSleepyHead Fried Green Tomato Recipe Thank you in advance to DixieSleepyHead. 
  5. Nueske’s Bacon can be ordered from their website where the bacon has its own page.  I love the Smoked Applewood Slab Bacon or the Triple Thick Cut  Bacon. YUM! Nueske’s
  6. Do visit Northwest Alabama and visit the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.  Especially during January or February when the great Whooping Cranes migrate.  Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge
  7. If you are an Alabamian.  Please join in the current movement to better protect Alabama’s rivers.  I have had the good fortune of meeting some of the people dedicated to this much-needed cause.  I was SHOCKED to learn how under protected and short sighted the care has been. There is currently a fundraising effort and your donation can be doubled via a grant.  This is a cause that is important to me and should be to all Alabamians. Alabama River Alliance  From this page you can link to specific groups working to protect the rivers, educate the public, monitor the waters etc… such as the Tennessee Riverkeepers. 
  8. By the way, Fried Green Tomatoes made famous in the movie with said name, are not originally from the South.  People are often surprised by this fact.  More on this subject is found in this Bon Appetit article “What’s the Deal with Fried Green Tomatoes? by Sam Dean What’s the Deal With Fried Green Tomatoes?
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