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The Hen House is Flying The Coop For The Big Silo in Spartanburg S.C. Best Foods

Waffle at the former Hen House of Spartanburg.

Follow me on my South Carolina food journey trying to hit the best restaurants in each of the 46 counties and seeking the Top 100 Food Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive Or, Before Dead, Whichever Comes First.

Tasty Tuesday MEGabite and the exciting changes at The Hen House in Spartanburg, S.C.  I recently have heard the buzz that the quaint Hen House in downtown Spartanburg S.C. is flying the coop for “the big silo.”   As of 2/1/2017, this restaurant will close it’s small downtown Wall Street location.

Not to worry my hens, chicks, and roosters, you will all be able to get your fix of the brunch culinary delights because the young owners will be joining up with The Silo at R.J. Rockers Brewery and The Silo Chef Clay McDonough.

RJ Rockers is a brewery located in the grain district of downtown Spartanburg.  Although it may seem an unlikely duo, however, I for one think this will be a fantastic marriage.  I totally get where they are going. As many of my readers know, I am from Wisconsin where beer is king.  One if my very favorite brunch restaurants in the whole world, is  the Cafe’ Benelux, located in the hip market district of The Third Ward District in downtown Milwaukee.   Cafe’ Benelux is a nod to the Benelux lowlands area of Europe specializing in Dutch Delights, Belgium and Luxembourg Beer.  Yes, they serve mussels and frites, award-winning breakfast, brunch and of course beer.   I have recently visited all three countries and trust me, these folks know how to do breakfast and beer. This photo was recently taken near The Grote Markt in Bruges, Belgium.


At the Grote Market in Brugges Belgium for brunch. Mussels and Frites and beer for my girl. Water, diet coke and strawberry waffles with cream and chocolate for me.

So it makes perfect sense to me that the booming city of Spartanburg, hosts to several colleges and universities, lots of German and other foreign visitors from the local BMW plant, and a brand new high-end hotel located just across the street, would marry these two businesses. I suspect that they are going to be very successful.

So what might one expect from the Martinez-Garrison husband-wife duo once they join up with The Silo Chef Clay McDonough? Judging by my visit to the former small 16 seat brunch Hen House, big things, my friends, big things.

 Having visited with out of town company, we ate at the Hen House by happenstance and really loved the food. The menu has outstanding home-made choices such as; cinnamon rolls, scratch-made Brioche buns, jam, compote, berry flavored whip cream, brioche bread, drop biscuits, croissants, chocolate croissants and of course   Many foods are seasonal and locally sourced.

On that day, the menu has some food combinations with names such as The Truffle Hustle, The Hippy Chick, The Killer Croque, and Cheep and Cheesy.   I chose the OMG BLT for brunch and the combination of; bacon, fried eggs, tomatoes, sunflower sprouts, onion jam and mayo on a freshly baked croissant.


The OMG BLT at the former Hen House in downtown Spartanburg Can’t wait to see the menu at the Silo in RJ Rockers Brewery

My company guest choose the Fruity Tooty and lucky for me, I was able to taste this delight.  I mean just look at that whip cream.

Waffle at the former Hen House of Spartanburg.

The Fruity Tooty at the former Hen House in Spartanburg might even be on the menu when they move in with The silo at RJ Rockers Brewery

Made from Brioche french toast, mixed berry compote, whipped cream this breakfast dish was an outstanding treat and I would give them a 5 of 5 MEGastars *****

With many other South Carolina regional foods on the menu, I am truly excited to see which foods will be chosen once the restaurant opens.  I would give a hint that one of these dishes *may* make it into my 100 Foods choices.  The Silo grand-opening is scheduled at 3 p.m. on 2/7/2018.


  1. RJ Rockers and The Silo website RJ Rockers website Spartanburg SC
  2. Local residents and runners, there is a group that runs and meets for a brew.
  3. The craft Brewery itself is worth a stop.  With locally inspired names such as The Patriot Pale, Son of a Peach, and Palmetto Trail, you too, can drink your way through local history.
  4. Yes, Spartanburg offers many local historical sights nearby. Including Cowpens National Battlefield (U.S. National Park Service), a Revolutionary War Site.  Get your passport stamped! Cowpens National Battlefield Site.
  5. Often they have in house music, and special events so for a good time check out their calendar.
  6. Visiting Milwaukee, DO hit up Cafe’Benelux for brunch.  If it is a warm day, request to be seated on the upstairs outdoor patio!
  7. Stay tuned for an upcoming MEGavisit visit to RJ Rockers and The Silo.


ABOUT:  This MEGabites and MEGastars description is found at the bottom of each post and may be helpful if you are new to my escapades.

*100 Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive or Before You Die, Whichever Comes First.” is my compilation of food to chow down on “Carolina style.” It is my S.C. Food Bucket List and you may follow as I chow down like Ms. Pacman in another gorgeous state that I call home.  I am loosely following Snacks of Jax 2016 46 County Best Restaurant List as a guide. From the Mom and Pop diner to the James Beard Chef, this journey is an opportunity for me to explore my new state and experience pride in food from restaurateurs who are dedicated to local food.  From my bucket list, I select stops based on convenience of location and they are in no particular order (but I already have a few favorites.)  [1]

I use a 5 MEGastar rating system.  For the most part, I am traveling a distance to try these dishes and generally, the experience gets one shot at how I view the food.   I factor this in using my own star system so that I may be fair to the wonderful dishes and people behind them. I’m very easy to please, I can overlook quite a bit and have worked in the foodservice industry.

  • *Meh food. Just wasn’t good. Maybe the food came from a can? Or, the place was not one that I would want to send someone to show pride in South Carolina.   This has happened to me a few times and is always a difficult write.
  • ** Passable – the food was “ok” but the place was not “ok” or vice versa.
  • *** Good but not outstanding or unique.
  • **** Very tasty dish AND meets one of the definitions set forth by Alabama Foods/Tourism, of local food and/or truly highlights Alabama Pride.
  • ***** I actually died, went to heaven and came back when I ate the dish. And/Or, something is very unique, something you cannot get anywhere else.
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