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Hallelujah South Carolina Hash With Sasquatch

What’s Up, Meg?

Having reached my goal of 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die, I’m now on a South Carolina food journey to chow down at the best restaurant in each of the 46 S.C. counties, while seeking the Top 100 Food Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive, Or, Before Dead, Whichever Comes First.  I have taken off a few weeks in June and am a bit behind on my Tasty Tuesday food blog day.  I apologize in advance if I bombard your inbox.  Thanks for the follow and the read!

Why This Stop?

On my quest for the best and most interesting dishes to eat in South Carolina, I find myself obsessed with South Carolina Hash, especially my favorite, thus far, the beef hash. I have been researching hash by tasting it, watching documentaries about the history,  reading about it, and tasting it.

I want to pop out this Tuesday blog to let my SC readers know that there is run of hash cooking around South Carolina this Fourth of July week.  Not one of my SC readers?  Be inspired to put this dish on your food bucket list.

What is this hash that I speak of?

Historically,  SC hash has been traced to the deep South of SC when Carolina rice trade was a real money maker. A horrible time in history when slaves working on the rice plantations and simply had to stretch the food that was available to sustain them during their tedious days of labor.   Today, nose to tail is kind of in vogue but during this brutal time, using up the nasty bits of a pig protein and served over rice would have been possibly life-saving.

Today, in South Carolina, if the hash is not found as a side in a BBQ restaurant, it may be found during the July 4th or other summer holidays. This practice has to do with saving this time-honored craft in lieu of modern health regulations, so that practitioners of this lost dish may cook their hash legally by being grandfathered in from earlier days gone by.

There are differentiations in hash regionally throughout South Carolina. I want to taste them all. Although this regional hash may be found outside of South Carolina, that would be very rare, like a Unicorn or a Sasquatch sighting. Even here in South Carolina, It’s not exactly found super easily.


I have written about a few of my South Carolina hash experiences, links below.

Smokin Mustard Hash With The Hog Hauler South Carolina Style Hash

High Times With Hash at Midway BBQ Buffalo, South Carolina


To me, the taste of hash reminds me of leftover, ground up, beef stew in its tasty gravy. The hashes The meats are seasoned with a variety of spices, often cooked in water with either/and/or tomato, vinegar, mustard, ketchup. The meat once laboriously cooked is ground up into a mush consistency.


South Carolina Hash just doesn’t look pretty

The texture throws people off. It’s kind of a hot mess, like the food that I fed my patients after they had a stroke or other throat/swallowing issues. I have to admit, I’m still a tiny bit squeamish looking at it, and I have no textural food issues.  Not tempted yet?


So speaking of Sasquatch, I drive by this sign all of the time but never seemed to be around when a hash run was on.


Philco’s Beef Hash, Slaw, & TEA Chesnee, SC

 I noticed that this sign had changed from September to June30th-July, I was there on the very first day. Located in a neighborhood in the countryside of Spartanburg County, the signage from the Chesnee Highway points the way. A tidy house with many garage areas and a few neat carnival-like food trucks dot the driveway.


There is a counter order area with the menu. Since I had not yet tasted hash as a sandwich, I thought that I would try it.


Philco’s Hash & BBQ Menu

The food is taken to go and when I finally had a taste, it was worth the wait! Great flavor.


South Carolina Hash Sandwich with a side of potato salad from Philco’s in Chesnee

So hallelujah to SC hash on Sundays and rare sightings.  Can’t wait to check out more places!

MEGastars: 4 **** I loved it. Possibly a bit too salty for my taste but the spicing was very good while also allowing the beef flavoring coming through.  Philco’s was super clean and the people very nice.


  1. This stop is a unicorn, or in this case, a Sasquatch stop. Meaning, you are going to be lucky to ever eat at this home-cooked hash stop.
  2. I understood that they would have hash available until Friday, July the 6th (2018) Approximately 8 a.m. to 7-8 pm. (?) Double check with them by dialing the phone number below.
  3. I would prefer to eat this without the bun.  By the time that I made it home, the bun was super soggy and difficult to eat as a sandwich. But, still yummy.  I think it would be excellent over rice also.
  4. If you do get there, I can personally recommend the potato salad.
  5. Conveniently off of I-85 and on the way from Spartanburg to Chesnee, there is great signage off of Highway 221 aka Chesnee Highway
  6. The address is 130 Cantrell Street, Chesnee, SC
  7. The phone number is 864-304-8463
  8. Other hash sites are on this weekend in South Carolina so go search them out!


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