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Everything Is Peaches In South Carolina Peach Bread

What’s Up Meg

Having reached my goal of 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die, I’m now on a South Carolina food journey to chow down at the best restaurant in each of the 46 S.C. counties, while seeking the Top 100 Food Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive, Or, Before Dead, Whichever Comes First.

Tasty Tuesday – Peach Bread from Abbott’s Bakery in Cowpens South Carolina.

For the second time in a month, I am writing about fruit bread. Here in the upstate of South Carolina, peach season is in full swing, the festivals are on, and I am getting creative with my peach recipes.


Peaches of South Carolina

While scooting around South Carolina for some good eats, I came across this bakery in Cowpens that made fresh bread with local fruit.  A few weeks back I wrote about Strawberry Bread from Abbott’s Bakery.

This peach bread is heavy so when I sliced into it and found it to be light and fluffy with a semi-sweet bread flavor.

abbotts peach

Peach Bread from Abbott’s Farm Cowpens SC

Loaded with peaches and topped with icing, this is one of my new favorite foods in South Carolina.

abbotts peach

Peach bread sliced open and loaded with peaches, from Abbott’s Farm Cowpens SC

Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.  I can think of so many ways to use this bread and look forward to trying out a few recipes.  For example, and thanks to my cousin Steve, I envision this bread, soaked in bourbon, topped with a few fresh peaches, bourbon peach maple syrup, sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar, topped with fresh whipped cream.  And maybe add a few chopped pecans.

MEGastars 5 *****

My MEGatips-

  1. Although you can purchase Abbott’s Bakery goodies in the locations noted on the link below, do get it from the bakery in Cowpens when it is fresh and the icing is not melted. Also, they have smaller loaves of bread available.  Which brings me to my next point.
  2. Eat the whole thing right away.
  3. Heading North or South, there are now SIX farm stops along I-85, I-65, and I-26.
  4. Here is a link to Abbott Farms general website for information on their farm, their harvest calendar, and some fantastic recipes.
  5. Many of their products that are shipped across the U.S.A. Abbott Farms
  6. The Abbott Farms Bakery is located at Exit 83: 291 Bud Arthur Bridge Road, Cowpens, SC 29330
  7.  Phone 800-764-0076 for hours of operation at each site. 
  8. Of course, bring home some fresh peaches.
  9. Finally got it.
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