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Seeking the Best of South Carolina Food-Greenville South Carolina Husk

What’s New With Meg?

Having reached my goal of 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die, I’m now on a South Carolina food journey to chow down at the best restaurant in each of the 46 S.C. counties, while seeking the Top 100 Food Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive, Or, Before Dead, Whichever Comes First.

Why This Stop?

Tasty Tuesday – at HUSK in Greenville, S.C.

I have written about HUSK the baby (now babies) of acclaimed Chef Sean Brock twice before. My introduction to his work began when I was touring a Kentucky Willette Distillery. This small batch distillery was my first stop on the highly visited Kentucky Bourbon Craft Tour. When I visited, I saw these weird things hanging in the barn and learned that it was an experiment to capture the angels share and flavor hams. I thought that this was so interesting, I put Chef Sean Brock’s restaurant on my food bucket list.  You can check out my Kentucky Bourbon Trail Blog via US-Kentucky- link from my homepage.


Aging ham at Willette Distillery

Having visited the flagship restaurant twice in Charleston, I was thrilled to learn that a Greenville location was going to open.

Located in the trendy and fantastic downtown area of Greenville, HUSK has curb appeal that carries over into the restaurant.


Husk Greenville is located in the booming downtown area. Fantastic renovation of this former historical flour mill!

A former flour mill, the restaurant is refurbished in chic industrial modern. Said to have one of the best whiskey menus in town, and professional bartenders to match the quality.

Husk Greenville

The Bar inside Husk, Greenville, S.C.

Although I did not have a cocktail from the bar and my guests with a fine whiskey palette felt it was some of the best whiskey drinks that they have ever had. Me, I checked off a Carolina specialty and later, much, much later, I found out that this cherry flavored cola has a lot of caffeine. Made since 1917, it is said to be from the longest continuing soft drink company that is still run by the same family



Dang is this stuff delicious. *Note to self, next time don’t drink this past noon or try to drink the caffeine free version.

From my seat, I was able to see the food prep and the hustle bustle of dinner prep and people nibbling before work.


Husk Greenville Kitchen

In an attempt to keep this blog from getting lengthy, I am going to go through the foods that I tried with a rating.


From the starters menu, Anson Mills Benne Crackers with Husk Pimento Cheese Husk Greenville, SC

I loved the crackers, the cheese was super tasty but in a very small amount for $9.00  Benne crackers have now been checked off of my SC Food Bucket List. 4 MEGastars**** Great taste, a small amount of cheese led me to remove a star.

Husk Greernville

Starter Salad from Husk of Greenville, SC

Also from the starter menu-Salad of Spring Arugula and Strawberries, White Beets, Ricotta, Spiced Pecans  $11-I really loved this salad, again, the price point may have been a bit high but it was unique and tasty so this one, 4 MEGastrs *****

Another starter that I tried was the Cornmeal Fried Chicken Skins with Husk Hot Sauce and Bee Well Honey. Addictive, super salty skins with a balance of toppings. It was pretty tasty and something one can not get just anywhere else. 4 MEGastars ****

Husk Greenville

Crisp chicken skins from the starter menu of Husk in Greenville, S.C.

Because I wanted to taste all of the starters, the salad, and the skillet cornbread, I ordered my meal from the starter menu. Oh, and because I have lived in Alabama, and got turned onto Royal Red Shrimp, my favorite, I was all in on the shrimp and grits. The menu read; Royal Red Shrimp and “Trucker’s Favorite” Hurricane Creek Grits, shitakes. And this is how it showed up on my plate.

Husk Greenville

Husk Greenville Royal Red Shrimp and Grits

Where to begin? The egg. Just why an undercooked egg showed up in my grits is a great starting question. Grits can be fickle and I get how an undercooked egg may make this dish creamier but yes, it wrecked my grits. Yes, I have tasted outstanding grits. See links above for 100 Dishes to Eat In Alabama Before You Die. I couldn’t get through the egg flavor.   The shrimp was overcooked. I wanted to love this dish but I simply did not, nor did any of my friends. One would not even taste it because of that runny egg.   The upshot was that this dish had the best presentation and value for this Husk location…….. 3 MEGastars ***

I was able to taste the Coal Roasted Chicken, Sweet Potato Glazed Sweet Potato, Kale and I found it quite salty and average especially for the $28 price point.


Husk Greenville, chicken and kale meal.

Even though I took a decent photo of this dish, let me show you another angle to better show the actual size of this meal.


Another view of the $28 chicken meal at Husk in Greenville SC

MEGastars  3.5 ***1/2

Moving on to the fish entree. Mark’s Golden Tilefish, Sea Island Red Peas, Speckled Butter Beans, corn. I was able to taste the fish and I would say everything was tasty on this plate. I love Tilefish, when fresh and cooked perfectly, it can taste as tender as lobster or crab.

The problem that I had with this dish, aside from the salt content, at this esteemed restaurant was again the portion size and plating.  This plate makes me wonder what am I missing? $$$  MEGastars 3.5 ***.5

The last dish that I tasted was my favorite. Bear Creek Farm Beef, Stewed Fingerlings, Spring Allium. It really was quite delicious.

Husk Greenville

Husk Greenville Bear Creek Farm Beef

However, these two nearly fajita child sized slices cost $38 and the wait staff was unclear about the type of cut. $38  MEGastars 3.5 ***.5

The Skillet of Appalachian Cornbread was a bit of a miss for me also.  I was so hyped to taste this direct from the pan but, It had an overwhelming smoky flavor but was a bit dry and salty. I should have asked for honey and butter. MEGastars 3 ***


Husk Greenville Skillet Corn Bread

Although I did not order dessert, I was able to have a bite of two desserts. The lemon tart was good with a great presentation. 4 MEGastars

Husk Greenville

Lemon tart at Husk of Greenville was pretty gorgeous!

Shortcake with Sorbet

Husk Greernville

Husk Greenville-Shortcake with rhubarb and sorbet

This dessert was well above the ho-hum average and I love rhubarb. MEGastars 4****


Overall, I was underwhelmed with my experience. Having visited award-winning Frank Stitt restaurants in Birmingham, AL this location did not live up to my expectations. So, will I return? Yes. I want to give this restaurant another shot. I love their menu and it’s ever-changing and interesting foods.  I love to support an eating establishment that uses local foods.  I still would love to see more South Carolina producers on this board. MEGastars 3.8 ***.8


Husk Greenville Farm Board du jour


Would I recommend this restaurant to others? Yes. This establishment is fairly new and maybe needs some tweaks. Today, I have peeked at their reviews and I am seeing some themes repeated. This restaurant should be proud of their Pastry Chef.


  1. The link for Greenville HUSK Husk Greenville
  2. Husk also located in Charleston, Savannah, and Nashville. *, see locations on the link for specifics.
  3. As of 3:30 p.m. EST, today’s menu was not on the website.
  4. I would recommend having the starter menu with others for a Tapas style share. Not your average appetizers.
  5. I reccomend reservations for any of the HUSK locations. They may be made by linking to Open Table from the website.


This MEGabites and MEGastars description is found at the bottom of each South Carolina Tasty Tuesday post. If you are new to my 100 Dishes South Carolina escapade, this may be helpful information.

Follow along on “Tasty Tuesday’s” as I make my way like Miss Pacman in yet another state that I call home. A culinary trip across scenic and historical South Carolina. *I select stops based on convenience of location and they are in no particular order.

The blogs will be available under the South Carolina 46 Best tab.

I am loosely following the list of “The best restaurants in each South Carolina County for 2016.”

Maybe the food from these chosen restaurants will make it on my list, and maybe they won’t. I often refer to this list as “46BestSC”



Unlike my “Alabama 100 “quest where I followed a formal list from Alabama Tourism, and to my knowledge, there is not a formal South Carolina “100 list.” I am making my own list the Meg way and have some food fun while making my way like Ms. Pacman, in yet another state that I call home.

I have been visiting places that vary from the Mom and Pop diners to the white cloth James Beard recipient eateries. A quest to find tasty dishes, unusual settings, and great foods that highlight folks who are dedicated to local food with pride and a whole bunch of South Carolina style.

I use a 5 MEGastar system.  For the most part, I am traveling a distance to try these dishes and these places get one shot at how I view the food and experience.   I will not be taking an average of three visit experiences and I factor this in when I give my star rating. That said, I’m very easy to please, I can overlook quite a bit and have worked in the foodservice industry.  I am not a *schooled food critic, just Meg, a curious traveler, with an interest in trying different foods and sharing my two cents on the experience.  I try to follow my own star system so that I may be fair to the wonderful dishes on this list.

  • *meh food. Just wasn’t good. Maybe the food came from a can? or,  the place was not one that I would want to send someone to show pride in South Carolina.   This has happened to me a few times and is always a difficult write for me.
  • ** passable – the food was “ok” but the place was not “ok” or vice versa.
  • *** good but not outstanding or unique.
  • **** Very tasty dish AND meets one of the definitions set forth by Meg. Local food and/or truly highlights South Carolina Pride.
  • ***** I actually died, went to heaven and came back when I ate the dish. And/Or, something is very unique, something you cannot get anywhere else.


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