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Islamorada Fish Company And My Bad

Tasty Tuesday at Islamorada Fish Company, Islamorada Florida

When I lived in Alabama, I loved to visit The Bass Pro Shop and just wander around the store looking at everything from the fishing boats to the shoes, the huge aquarium and playing their games for a quarter.

In this location, there was also a restaurant called Islamorada Fish Company. It also had a huge salt-water fish tank and great décor. I wanted to like it, I really did. But the food just seemed commercial, heavily breaded and salted with little fish in the batter.

Not too long ago, I happened to be in Islamorada Florida and I decided to check out the original Florida location for it’s “World Famous Fish Sandwich.”  Because why not?

Located right on the water, next to fishing docks and of course the fish market. It does have an amazing Florida Key’s vibe.


Florida Keys vibe at the Islamorada Fish Company

It was fun to sit and watch boats pull up to the dock like you and I would drive a car to the restaurant. I mean what a life.  It was also fun to watch the fishing boats come in and feel the breeze.


Islamorada Fish Company at the Florida location has bayside dining.

I didn’t take many photos but the ambiance was fantastic.  I wanted to like it, I really did. I wanted to take more photos and say it was the best sandwich that I ever tasted. But, it was horrible. To begin with, the sandwich was heavily battered and I couldn’t find the fish.


Islamorada Fish Company “World Famous Fish Sandwich”

So what happened and what went wrong?  I made a bad decision, I jumped in with a blindfold on, usually that works for me but this time, it did not.  I did not eat locally for this lunch. Because I don’t check reviews before I visit, I didn’t see that there were many of the same complaints. Time is short, and I wasted a chunk of it eating a crumby fish sandwich. So what did I learn?  Don’t waste time eating bad food and yet, do make spontaneous decisions. If you see a sign that says world famous…, Ask questions.

MEGastars 2**  I have not written a poor review in a very long time.  There are great fresh fish sandwiches to be eaten in this part of the world, and I have tasted them.  If you find yourself in this paradise, do not waste one minute on a cruddy sandwich.  Check out the reviews for yourself.

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