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The Tale of Two Curds – Cheese Curds And Cheese Curd Poutine

I know that it is not Tasty Tuesday but I am behind on my food writes and short stories, on Friday’s I want to pop out a few food places and on Sunday’s return to travel blogging. I hope that this will not clog my follower’s e-mail.

This Friday, I bring you some of “what’s up” in cheese curd land.

  1. Cheese Curd Poutine IS always a hot mess, literally. I lived in Canada; the supposed birthplace of poutine and you could order it at McDonald’s in my city.   I feel ashamed as a parent that I let my daughter eat it on a semi-regular basis but she survived and is a food adventurer like her Mom, so there is that upside. According to myself, there is the family food poutine, the drunk food poutine, and the gourmet poutine that is spreading south of the border.

My poutine food/meal could fall into the family-friendly or the drunk food category depending upon your own needs. Myself, I ate this sober at the Madison, WI airport in a bar/restaurant called The Madtown Gastropub because I was curious, and repulsed, at the same time; yet pulled like a magnet. Fries covered with cheese curds, pork carnitas, and beer gravy. It is Wisconsin after all, and that qualifies as family friendly.


Non-Traditional Cheese Curds Poutine Madison, Wisconsin

Arriving at the table my first impression was that the cheese curds were too crisp. They were. The menu cheese curds appetizer said that these were local cheese curds and I immediately wondered if the poutine curds were frozen vs fresh? These curds just didn’t taste fresh to me and were over fried. Sometimes this is due to a heavy batter. The gravy was dang good. Overall, they tasted ok and it was fun.

MEGastars 2 **

MEGatips. Even if you don’t live in the Great White North, many “shi-shi” restaurants around the world are now serving poutine; check it out now that you know what’s up. Also, if you are into poutine, I swear that you too can re-create this hot mess, including the curds, by following this recipe and making it yourself.

  • The Mad Town Gastropub is after TSA screening so unless you happen to be traveling through Madison, you are out of luck. However…
  • You have to have fresh cheese curds. If they are in your grocery store for a few days, trust me, they are not fresh.
  • You can order some of the best cheese in the world, with awards galore, and fresh cheese curds from my favorite dairy shop, Simon’s Artisan’s Cheese. Simon’s Specialty Cheese
  • Link to a great recipe from Joshua, Bousel, Serious Eats,  maybe a bit complicated, but that’s poutine. Serious Eats and PoutineRecipe

2. Fried Cedar Grove Cheese Curds [1] done right with house-made lime-aioli or ranch dip. While in Wisconsin, I returned to Lucille’s in Madison, WI for my favorite pizza on the planet. (I have written about this in a past post) One Day of Gluttony in Madison Wisconsin This time, I was with a large group and was able to try a few appetizers and these cheese curds were done perfectly, some of the best that I have ever tasted. According to Meg, this is how a great fried cheese curd should look.


Cedar Grove Cheese Curds deep-fried at Lucille’s in Madison, Wisconsin.

MEGastars 5 ****


[1] Cedar Grove Dairy is located in one of my favorite parts of the world, with rivers, rolling hills, and picturesque farms.  The milk is made without rBGH and GMO from ethical farmers, some of whom use organic process, and organic cheeses.  You may order from their dairy and have a fantastic visit.  Cedar Grove Dairy  

I hope you enjoyed this short post


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