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Finding Karma in Pierrefonds, France


In a past post, I used these photos and realized that these photos were taken in Pierrefonds, France and not Lyons; trust me, only a knucklehead would confuse the two places.  I wasn’t L’yon, my bad!

 I visited France recently and regret not having gone to the area where my Grandfather was stationed during WWI.  It is a travel regret that I have been thinking about lately while watching world leaders gather to pay homage to our soldiers.   I have been thinking about doing just that and getting back to this fairy-tale town, A.S.A.P.

How I “found” Pierrefonds. 

My visit to Pierrefonds should never have happened. En route to Paris, from Northern France, I was just not ready to be in a city, I absolutely loved driving through the Compiegne Forest and was wishing that I had more time to stop and play in the imagination provoking forest.

I really wanted to stay right there in that forest. I remember cringing at the thought of going to a large city and dreaded that this peaceful forest would soon be in my rear view mirror.

Karma intervened,  I “needed” a Diet Coke and I spied this town as I left the forest.


First peek of Pierrefonds, France

Although it was the diet coke craving that brought me to town, Karma gave took my breath away.


Patisserie in Pierrefonds France and guess what I bought here? A diet coke. Shame on me.

  I loved this spot. I will stay in Pierrefonds when I return to this area of France.  It was if a magnet pulled me in with every curve of the road.

I fell in love with the architecture, the rooflines, the stone, and tile.

And the awe-inspiring views


Architecture in Pierrefonds France



Views from above Pierrefonds, France


Pierrefonds, France rooftop views

I kept wondering how many places I pass up while on the road to something else.


Roads and walls Pierrefonds France

I have a thing for stone, so this street is pretty much where I want to set up camp.  My time was limited but I mean, how can you not poke around this place?


Stone homes in Pierrefonds, France


Quaint cottage in Pierrefonds, France

the stone and craftsmanship


Stone and brick home in Pierrefonds, France.

The colors of French homes


Homes of Pierrefonds France


Pierrefonds France and some of the steeples

And then, I took this turn and saw “that castle.”  I have maybe seen too many castles in my life but this one was different.   I didn’t know that it was there until it beckoned me.


Pierrefonds, France


Huh? That is a big castle. Pierrefonds France


Pierrefonds Castle

I took a million photos both near and far.


Pierrefonds Chateau

It is difficult to describe the enormity of this castle and its state of good repair.


The Château de Pierrefonds

I think the thing that I can’t shake about this castle is the grounds, the wooded land, the old stones, and doorways.


Archways of Pierrefonds

With each turn, I wanted to see more.


The Stonework and Carved Doorways of Pierrefonds

The castle was out of this world but it was the grounds that really made me stop dead in my tracks and imagine.


The Grounds of Pierrefonds Castle


Below the Castle of Pierrefonds

I wanted to see more of this place that captured my imagination. A place that has had to inspire movies, books, and artwork. A place that I would want to sit down above or below this picturesque town, and into it’s surrounding forest, and just sit and stay for a good while.  I had to wonder how many places have I passed like this? Was it karma that I stopped or simply a diet coke craving?

Are travel regrets mistakes, or, are they a signpost to places of the soul?

Thanks to my Mom and her family who have inspired me to travel and consider life.

And Grandfather – never forget!


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