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Rob’s Deli of Chesnee, South Carolina A Small Town Deli Has Big News 11/2018

This is a What’s up Tasty Tuesday short blog with an update to the business of Rob’s Deli of Chesnee S.C. I write this on World Kindness Day and want to pass on my belief that to make this world a better place, we all should be practicing being kind to our neighbors and to our communities.

In a small town, there is a small house, with a small deli that has a big heart. I have eaten there a few times in the past but had not gotten around to a write.

Recently, I learned through a sign in my small-town post office,  that Rob’s Deli would need to close if the business did not significantly pick up. I popped in one day this past week and I learned that there would be some changes to the hours, menu, a new dinner menu, and dinner hours. I was told that there is no current plan for closure and that the name of the business may change.

This is a counter order service with their menu on a computer screen and specials on the board. Cans of soda are for sale in an ice bucket and the always popular and I am told, delicious sweet tea is found on a self-serve table.   Once the order is placed, the staff brings the food to your table. According to their website, they are using high-quality Boars Head Meat and cheeses. I am told that Rob’s is no longer using Nation’s Bakery of Chesnee for their baked-breads and bagels and have now sourced elsewhere due to business needs.

The Reuben-Grilled corned beef, sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing, and swiss cheese,  served on marbled rye bread. Side choices are chips, fries, pasta salad, and a beverage.


Rob’s Special Reuben, Rob’s Deli in Chesnee S.C.

Chicken Salad-Salad-Made in-house and said to be a secret recipe is served on a bed of lettuce. Of course, you may order this as a sandwich.


Rob’s Chicken Salad with a secret recipe, Rob’s Deli, Chesnee S.C.


Rob’s Cheese Steak Sandwich-Layers of London Broil, with marbled blue cheese, french-fried onions, and a sweet mayonnaise that is Rob’s secret recipe, and made in-house, all served on garlic french bread. *Note, this is served with mounds of french fries.


Example of Upcoming Daily Dinner Specials


I was able to get a glimpse of the new menu. An example of the daily specials as of this writing will cost $7.99 and will be (set each week)

Monday Lasagna with salad and bread OR Meatloaf with salad, side, and bread

Tuesday Baked chicken with salad, side, and bread OR Turkey, 2 sides and bread

Wednesday Baked Ziti with salad and bread OR Salisbury steak, 2 sides, and bread.

Thursday Lasagna with salad and bread OR Grilled pork chop, 2 sides.

Friday Chicken parmesan over pasta, salad, and bread OR Chicken and rice casserole and salad.

 Dinner Menu – hamburgers, veggie plate, chicken tenders, honey ham, grilled chicken, hamburger steak, chicken or sausage cacciatore, Greek Salad with house dressing. *Many of these meals come with side choices as below.

Side Menu– green beans, mashed potatoes, Mac & Cheese, French fries, hushpuppies, pasta salad, cornbread stuffing, applesauce, corn, tater tots, rice pilaf, cranberry sauce, side salad.

Children’s Menu – grilled cheese, dino nuggets-both with a side choice, and pasta with a choice of sauce. With a price point of $3.99, the meals include a drink.

Like so many other travelers, I am a fan of supporting local business when possible and hope that these folks find success. If you are an Upstate S.C. reader give them a visit and let them know that Meg says hi!  Celebrate World Kindness Day! Every.Dang.Day, that is given to you.


  1. As of right now, there is no breakfast and they hope to bring bagels back to the menu as well as full breakfast.
  2. Link to their website. Rob’s Deli-Chesnee S.C. Website
  3. I note that there is Rob’s Deli Facebook page as well.
  4. Located at 310 South Alabama Avenue in Chesnee, S.C.
  5. During this time of change, I might call for hours and specials. 864-497-9591
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