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Best Mexican Restaurant North Carolina Limones of Asheville


Why this stop?

This “far away foodie Friday” was inspired by a list of the best Mexican Restaurant in each of the United States.  Limone’s of Asheville was North Carolina’s winner and I always love reading those lists of best of this and that but never seem to go to any of the places. 

I don’t know about you, but I get bored with Mexican food, even those places with the six-page multiple-choice menus. I am bored of eating runny salsa.   And don’t even get me started about places that give you runny salsa and no extra napkins.  You know who you are salsa on the menu people. And not to be a Debbie Downer, but I am tired of my Mexican food loaded with salt; I may as well lick the rim of a Margarita glass. I love Mexican food but dislike waking up in a carbohydrate coma

Limone’s is not “that kind” of Mexican restaurants and this is Asheville N.C., a foodie city that scored a chef who is Mexican born, San Francisco trained in French-influenced, California cuisine, and the creative menu reflects this eclecticism.  Using fresh food with locally sourced ingredients, this Cali-Mex cuisine, not to be confused with Tex-Mex.

I like to think of Cali-Mex as a story, a story of foods from the coasts, mountains, and the plains of Mexico, influenced by old and new cultures.  In this story, one chapter happens when the foods migrate with people to California where new foods and cultures meet chefs who have raised the bar on the story of this melting pot food story.


Limones Mexican & California Cuisine Asheville NC

 Located in an older renovated building the place has a modern cozy feel with banquettes lining the mirrored walls and a central corridor for the staff to move about. As usual, I showed up without reservations and once again, got lucky enough to get a table, with the promise that I get my party of four outta there by the time that the upcoming reservation was due.

limones inside

The interior of Limones Nashville

While my dining friends drank their uber-craft margaritas, I poured over the menu and at this fine dining experience decided on salad and soup. In my defense of non-adventure, while experiencing the nuances of Cali-Mex in Asheville, the soup was pea soup with salmon. I love pea soup-love it!, And the salad was made with apples, local blue cheese, toasted pine nuts and it was my mood. It was a great meal. I also was able to taste from a few other menu items. 

Heritage Farm Braised Adobado Pork Enchiladas with kimchi (fermented vegetables,) crema, feta cheese, Arroz-Blanco, guacamole, epazote (herbs.)


Enchiladas from Limones in Asheville NC

Shrimp with kimchi, Arroz Blanco, guacamole.


Shrimp dish of Limones Asheville NC

Grilled Scallops with blistered corn pico, micro greens, and smoked chile crema.


Scallops from Limones Asheville NC

MEGathoughts-I would return for another visit. Overall it was a fun place to switch up my Mexican routine, the price point is high as in over $300 with cocktails, but the quality ingredients on the menu were unique and without blowing my mind, everything tasted quite good. The staff had a level of professionalism that I hadn’t seen in a while and knew how to hype the food. Asheville is a foodie town after all.

MEGastars 4 ****


  1. Link to Limones Restaurant
  2. DO as I say and not as I do, make reservations.
  3. Next door, Limones has a sister craft bar with fantastic tapas-style plates. Named En La Calle, (In the street,) Seating is on a first come-first serve basis.  Like Limone’s the cocktail menu is extraordinary.
  4. Do not visit thinking you will be filled with chips and salsa.  If you have a hearty appetite, you may want to order a starter with your food. 
  5. Although I did not taste the Margaritas, I hear all of the craft cocktails are above par.


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