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Those Tacos, Que Rico Chesnee, SC

Tasty Tuesday is all about food in South Carolina and this week I am sharing my pick for quick Mexican Street Food with Rico’s Tacos in Chesnee, South Carolina.

Fighting Words

So never bring a taco to a knife fight. I belong to an online neighborhood group…” O.K.  As in someone recently wrote “ neighbor smokes pot on their porch and it harms my health…”  its a bit weird but often holds important information such as the best Mexican Restaurant in the area.  Not expected were the responses of loyal followers to this post and its author.  However, it gave me new places to check out and reminded me to write about my favorite new street taco stand.

Why This stop?

I am on a South Carolina food journey to chow down at the best restaurant in each of the 46 counties while seeking the Top 100 Food Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive, Or, Before Dead, Whichever Comes First.

 This stop falls in the category of seeking the best food dishes SC has to offer.  and in this instance, street tacos.

Where? The Place- An outdoor taco stand on Chesnee Highway in the parking lot of Nation’s Bakery.

I noticed this stand a few months ago in my little town of Chesnee. It is a bit of a unicorn with hours only on the weekend and even then there have been a few times when I have popped over and they were closed. But, I  Owner Miguel has given me permission to photograph. Go see him and say hi!


Rico’s Tacos of Chesnee, S.C.

This sight, smell, and taste have made me a regular customer.


Seasoned pork at Miguel’s Tacos.

The Food– The menu is small and I noticed this past week that it has expanded from this photo.

The menu as of January is now posted in English and with prices at the stand.

  • Tacos $2.00 Extra cheese costs .25¢
  • Quesadillas $7.00
  • Mexican subs $7.00 (pick your protein and add fried onions and jalapenos. I forgot to ask if Nations’s Bakery provide the bread.  They bake some mighty fine bread products.)
  • Proteins that are avaialble for the tacos are: Pastor-seasoned pork. Azada-beef steak, Chorizo-Mexican sausage, lengua-tongue, and pollo-chicken.

Taco Menu at Rico’s

Tacos de Pollo y Azada.  The tortillas are made fresh by Miguel’s wife. I am sorry that I did not ask her name.


Rico’s Tacos de Miguel Azada-beef steak, and pollo-chicken pre-fixings.

The fixings that are available are onions, cilantro, lime, and two types of sauces salsa verde and salsa rojo. Red and green salsa.


Rico’s Tacos side offerings

The quesadillas are large and outstanding.  This one pictured is steak with cheese. YUM


Rico’s Tacos have delicious steak quesadillas.

On the day that I was there, Miguel’s wife made tamales.  She offered beef and chicken.  The chicken was spicy but full of flavor. Like, I ate it and thought no, I can’t but it was so good that I had to  “…yes sir may I have another…”

I wished that I had asked if this item will be a permanent part of the menu.  B/c oh my!


Tamales of Rico’s Tacos



Tamales of Rico’s Tacos

Beverages-While I live in South Carolina, I live in the upper part of the state closer to the mountains than the beach and it can get cool in the winter months.  Miguel’s wife also offers warm Abuelita™ (hot chocolate) pictured in the thermos.


Beverages of Miguel’s Tacos

Style-There is a picnic table outdoors that seats four.  However, this is more of a grab and go street taco stand. Fortunately, I don’t live far.  This is now my favorite weekend taco stand and I am happy that they have set up shop in my little town of Chesnee.

MEGastars 5*****

Hours as of January 2019

Friday 1 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Saturday – 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday 10 a.m.-8 p.m.


  1. Follow on Facebook Miguels Street Tacos
  2. Address: 1099 S Alabama Ave, Chesnee, SC 29323
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