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Get Crabs In South Carolina Seeking Top Dishes of South Carolina

What’s up With Meg on Tasty Tuesday’s?

I’m on a South Carolina food journey to chow down at the best restaurant in each of the 46 counties while seeking the Top 100 Food Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive, Or, Before Dead, Whichever Comes First.

Why This Stop? It’s about my SC seek and find journey 

Also, yep, it’s about the crabs. I swear to you that I just read a story today in my local newspaper that listed the top 10 local stories and one of the articles was about the rapid rise of STDs in South Carolina. I don’t think that this crab post is subliminally related but Happy New Years’ Eve, to people who like that kind of thing.

Plus, I’m in a mood and writing a late post vs skipping writing, I am trying to get a bit festive with this blog and I decided to choose unless, there is subliminal thought happening, a dish and place that has stuck in my mind a few times this past year.  I hadn’t even intended to write about the place until after the fact and now I can’t remember if I took other food photos. Anyway,  this food will for sure be on my list of the top 50 or 100 things that one must try when they visit South Carolina.

THE DishThe Place-Soft Shell Crab in a sandwich or any which way one chooses.  Somehow, I stopped in at a place called Shem Creek Bar and


Soft Shell Crab Sandwich at Shem Creek Bar and Grill Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

I wish that I had taken a few more photos.  I loved the she-crab soup at Shem’s.  The wait staff told me that the same person has been making this soup for ions and that it really is a local favorite.

Plus, this restaurant is located in Mount Pleasant South Carolina, just across the bridge from Charleston in a geographic area known as Low Country.  On the waterfront with the most peaceful views and their website has great photos. *link below

As much as I love Charleston, there is a whole other world just a stone’s throw away.  IMG_2260.jpgA quiet and peaceful land prone to tidal changes, a gorgeous contrast of marshes and sky.

Charleston lowlands

The Low Country of South Carolina is located in the lower coastal area of the state

Shems Creek Bar & Grill Seafood and Oyster House 

Mount Pleasant SC restaurant view

View from the porch at Shem’s Creek Bar & Grill, Seafood and Oyster House in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

This restaurant was otherwise mediocre in some ways, outdated and in need of a bit of a scrub. But, it also was perfect. Super casual with a gorgeous view, great service,  varied menu for everyone, specialty seafood dishes, home-cooked soup, and easy in and easy out.

The Food- This sandwich was served on a kaiser roll with she-crab sauce.  My side choice was collard greens. The sandwich was a trip. I mean there are legs sticking out, and this textural crunch.  I was not in love with it as a sandwich but it was easily pulled out of the bun and a true South Carolina food that you can’t just find at any old place.

So, right on Shem’s!

MEGastars 4**** for the soup and sandwich with a local sided choice.

MEGathoughts – One pretty fun thing that I love about living in South Carolina is that the winter season is mild. Crab season in South Carolina really is all year round.  @CrabbingHub on word press writes about crab season as South Carolina’s crabbing season typically runs from Oct 1st through May 15th with some variables based upon population and other factors. The SC Hunting and Fishing website does not list any “closed dates” for either blue crabs, stone crabs, or spiny lobster. There are other restrictions but that is for another blog.

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