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Cowpens National Battlefield Revolutionary War Site And The Anniversary

Meg, why This Stop? This stop is one that helped me to better understand the history that made this country.  It made me consider the human story and impact of what happened in the dawn of the United States and how the course of history may have been changed had this battle not taken place.

The Anniversary of The Battle of Cowpens

On January 17, 1781, in a field in the upper part of South Carolina, there was a well-known place where ranchers brought their cattle to feed. This place called “The Cowpens” became known as one of the most significant battles in the Revolutionary War. A turning point of the war in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. So significant that today, the battle is studied by military tacticians as an example of successful double-envelopment.

Today, the battlefield is under the protection of the National Park Service. This weekend January 18-19, 2020 there will be special events that the public can view and participate in.  I am not an expert on this subject. Multiple books have been written on this battle and are available at the Battlefield store. But,  let me tell you about some interesting things that I saw and that you might see.

  • Saturday begins with a wreath-laying by SAR, DAR, and CAR chapters at the 1932 US Monument in front of the Visitor Center, followed by a procession to the 1856 Washington Light Infantry Monument.
  • IMG_1283

    Monument at Cowpens National Battlefield


Cowpens National Battlefield-Wreath laying ceremony

  • Reenactors wear uniforms representing the different soldiers participating in the battle of Cowpens.  Among those represented are: British soldiers, Fraser’s Highlanders, Calvary, Artillery,  Infantries from the Carolinas, Delaware, Mayland, and Virginia.

Cowpens National Battlefield Reenactors.


Reenactors Cowpens National Battlefield


Cowpens National Battlefield Reenactors

  • Calvary Demonstrations Magnificent display of soldiers on their horses.

Calvary reenactors at The Battle of Cowpens.


Calvary at Cowpens


Calvary reenactors at Cowpens National Battlefield


Calvary reenactors at Cowpens National Battlefield on the battlefield

  • Weapons Firing Demonstrations-Muskets, bayonets, rifles, and cannons.
2017-10-08_14-13-54_420 (2019-10-07T22_30_53.078)

The Grasshopper Cannon weapons firing demonstrations at Cowpens National Battlefield


Weapons Firing Demonstrations at Cowpens National Battlefield

  • t

Weapons-scenes from Cowpens National Battlefield


Campfires and weapons Scenes from Cowpens National Battlefield

  • A large gathering of examples of Eighteenth-Century Tactics and Weaponry.

Camp at Cowpens National Battlefield


Scenes from Cowpens


Scenes from Cowpens-women cooking


Men and women at Cowpens National Battlefield


Scenes from Cowpens National Battlefield Young soldiers


Scenes from a battlefield-Cowpens

MEGathoughts: I hate war. I hate it. But it happened and it happens. This battlefield is historic gem of Revolutionary war sites in the country. Some of the scenes that I witnessed made me think about a time and place, of how it might have felt to sleep outside in the cold of January. Tired, hungry, fearful, and cold. The human impact on our history and with this battle, how history may not have been had this battle not occurred.


Cowpens at dusk


  1. Other events that the public will be able to participate in are Ranger-led battlefield tours including lantern walks (sign up for this event, an hourly showing of the movie “Cowpens, A Battle Remembered,” 18th century Music – mini-concert by Sons of Liberty,  Author lectures and book signings, Eighteenth-Century Church service, Jr. Ranger program availability and other self-guided peaceful walks throughout the park.
  2.  With 845-acres to explore, there are other sites for the public to explore.

The Scruggs House built *after the Revolutionary War has been restored and is one of the sites on The National Battlefield Property.

2.  Link to the timeline of events Cowpens Anniversary Events

3. This site is within a one hour drive from Charlotte, N.C. Asheville N.C., Greenville S.C. Spartanburg S.C., and sees visitors from around the globe.

4. Open daily from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and closed New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. There is a Visitor Center, battlefield, trail, auto loop road around the perimeter of the battlefield, and a picnic area with a covered shelter.

5. Oh, and it is not a civil war site.

MEGastars: 5***** For history, culture, and nature.

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