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Curious Travel, Health Seeker, Outdoor Enthusiast, Food Adventurer, Photo Newbie, Recorder of my travel story. Seeker of peace and unity. Love the weird/random.

Originally from Wisconsin, I absolutely love to zoom around this planet.   I was born with wanderlust, curiosity, and adventure in my soul.  A bit of a “nomadic adult” I have lived from Wisconsin, Indiana, Northern Saskatchewan, Iowa,  South Alabama, to South Carolina-with a few stops in between.  I travel near and far, and I’m on a quest to take in all the beauty this world has to offer. I write because it is a place for me to organize my travels, share my adventures, help my friends with some inspiration and adventure planning. I love the outdoors, food, fitness, dogs and most of all lots of laughter. Before I get out my violin, I am going to kick the bucket someday. Until that happens, I am going to have a little fun, put on some boots and kick a lot of buckets on my list one MEGstop at a time!  Live, Love, Travel, Eat, Play!

I love to take back from my experiences and incorporate: ideas, food, culture and beauty into my everyday life. This is why I travel. I love a good story, the weird, the quirky, the random and the unusual.  Some of the things that set me apart from other travel bloggers; I try to investigate and research the areas that I travel to and generally find a good story. Off the beaten path is where I often find a little bit of fun.  I take snaps of weird places to do your business, I eat in caves, love a good swear,  drive fast-I even broke my own personal record on the autobahn, visited The Coon Dog Cemetery, and have toasted to my ancestors in my ancestral graveyards of Ireland.  Why wait for someday?  Carpe diem!  You can follow my quirky and random snaps on Instagram by following the button on the homepage.

A genealogy and history buff.  Often times these two interests drive my travel. I see the difference but always amazed to notice the likeness. I love remembering that we are all one. I believe in peace one person at a time. I am sad that this world holds war and violence, I know that there are some places that just will not be safe for a visit. Peace one person at a time.

Travel style: Because I actually pay for my travel and a trip is not to be wasted, I will not be laying on that beach often and squeeze in as many experiences as I can.  This type of travel is not for everyone. Relaxing? I do that once in a while and I’ll sleep when I’m dead.  Although I lean towards peaceful and outdoor places,  I do not thumb up my nose at “touristy places,” even if I only go once.   I dig the obscure but practice opening my mind and just let stuff happen. I dislike being in masses almost more than anything; and yet, I have had some of the most amazingly wonderful experiences surrounded by masses. You may want to jump off the bridge and into the Thames at The Tower of London, but for the most part, places are touristy simply because they either are, or they have been special to our world.    I am not afraid to be a tourist, I am one. On that note, I love the perspective that I gain from visiting places and having life experiences, it is as if history and scenes come to life. Kind of like watching that little dog on the children’s TV series “Wishbone” as he steps into historical scenes. The frame of reference will remain with me till I kick that bucket.

Lodging:  I” Love The Feeling Of Being Anonymous In A City I’ve Never Been Before.” -Author unknown.  Although I love my fellow human beings, I like to get away from people. The end. I like to do my own thing and come and go as I please. I lean towards hotels, Airbnb or private accommodations. I have stayed at many Bed and Breakfast sites, most were lovely and some were duds.

Food Style: Fresh and local is my deal. Raw food, real food/slow food. Although I prefer to eat vegan/vegetarian and love my Breville juicer, I do eat fish, chicken, and other meats. l love Vietnamese Pho, Banh, and fresh  Vietnamese spring rolls.  I am always seeking to raise the bar on nutrition and yet I love to try wide varieties of food; meaning anything once. I am currently making my way through Alabama like Ms. Pacman in an attempt to eat each dish listed on Alabama Tourism “The 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.” You can follow this quest on various social media sites and by following the link on the homepage.  I love a good food story and trying new dishes and places. A non-practicing Registered Nurse, I am interested in growing my own foods and a keen interest in nutritional education; especially in relation to health and food security. As of 2017, I am specializing in South Carolina Foods and have a quest to try 46 of the 46 South Carolina’s Best Restaurants while compiling a list of the best 100 Dishes in South Carolina to Try Before You Die or while Alive.

Travel specialties:

  •  Currently residing in South Carolina, I am having a blast visiting this gorgeous state and meeting some wonderful folks.  A lover to the outdoors, I like to hike, bike, mountain bike and learn everything about my new state.
  • Visited 48 of 50 states in an auto and on the road.
  • Having lived in the magnificent country of Canada, I had the good fortune to discover the beauty firsthand.
  • On a quest to eat all of the dishes on “100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.” Ongoing.
  •  U.N.E.S.C.O. Heritage Sites.  I try to visit these sights on my journey. Ongoing.
  • Visit the National Park systems in North America and love to get the stamps onto my park passport. Ongoing.
  • Travel the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and also get my passport stamped along the way. Ongoing
  • A Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast and current member of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.  I try to visit as many of the sites as possible. Ongoing.
  •  Irish history and travel buff. This is personal to me.  I have ties to County Sligo, County Galway, County Mayo, and Co. Dublin. Ongoing.
  • Genetic Genealogy.  I am a newbie to this area of research but can’t wait to see where it leads me. Ongoing.
  • Former Wisconsinite having lived and traveled extensively in that state.  Green Bay Packer, Badger and Brewer fan, I like to visit other stadiums-ish.
  • U.S. National and State Park supporter. Ongoing.

Goals– In 2015, I exceeded my travel goals and dreams.  Here are a few highlights; I ate in a cave, participated in Oktoberfest in Munich, ate lunch at the top of Germany overlooking 5 countries, went to the  original Mardi-Gras in Mobile, Alabama, Saw President Obama speaking during the historic anniversary of The Selma to Montgomery march, went deep sea fishing in Miami, drank Cuban coffee in Little Havana, visited three more U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage sites in Germany and Prague Czechoslovakia, watched the kids play some football at The University of Alabama, visited a speakeasy in Nebraska, took a ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia and my car was stolen, threw a mullet fish from Florida to Alabama, listened to some tunes in Nashville and New Orleans, took a ghost tour in New Orleans, ate a fruitcake and liked it, learned to gather pecans, toured historic Green Bay Packer’s Lambeau Field and was able to watch Brett Favre retire his jersey, visited a Coon Dog Cemetery, took a swamp tour in Louisiana, hiked in the Bavarian alps, collected a few stamps on my  Kentucky Bourbon Passport visiting a few more distilleries, wrote about my visit to Dachau after visiting the Jewish Memorial in Miami, toured The Everglades, sat on a few more weird toilets, met some fantastic people and ate some of the best food of my life.

2016-I do not have any firm plans for 2016 but I also did not in 2015, and look where that brought me.  Explore, eat, travel, hike and just get out there and explore.

  • Arizona March-April 2016-Hike Phoenix, Jeeping Sedona, Taliesin West, Vortex hunt in Sedona, Hike Sedona, Hot Air Balloon over the desert.
  • Hank Williams Trail April 2016
  • I will continue to post on Tasty Tuesday with  Tasty Tuesday MEGabite.  Generally, this is a day that  I share my experience with 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die. 
  • I plan to brush up on my grammar. I am currently reading, well trying to read, “The Deluxe Transitive Vampire” and hope that I will regain my sense of writing, even if it is at an 8th-grade level.
  • I am going to clean up this blog, make it more user-friendly and well, pretty.  I will be moving old posts from another site-writing about my trips throughout the United States including; a trip to Arizona, Phoenix and Sedona, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana France, Canada, Ireland, Italy
  •   ? Throwback Travel Thursday for my life in Saskatchewan. I am moving a few of my prior blogs.
  •  I will continue to experience something new every day and week and am so excited to tromp around yet another place I call home, Sweet Home…Alabama.


  • Biking in the Netherlands
  • Visit as many National Parks as Possible-Ongoing
  • Spend time in North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Write my 100th blog on my quest to eat all of the 100 Dishes To Eat in Alabama Before You Die


I had such a great 2017 and due to a few life changes, I missed a few “writes.” 2018 Special thanks to my Alabama followers and welcome South Carolina followers.

So excited for 2020-

  • Adding in 64 Best Restaurants in Southern Carolina while trying to find Meg’s 100 Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While Alive
  • Alabama-Continue my quest to try all of the “100 Dishes To Eat in Alabama Before You Die. Gardens
  • Asheville S.C.Brewery Tours Asheville, food Asheville
  • Belgium visits
  • Biltmore Mansion, Asheville South Carolina
  • Germany Vineyard visits
  • Iowa-German Colonies of Amana in Amana, Iowa. Moffitt Houses, and UNESCO, U.N.E.S.C.O. City of Literature, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Ireland Pilgrimage County Mayo. County Kerry-The Gap, Galway, Dublin and Guinness
  • Nashville Tn-Gardens, Foods
  • Netherlands visit, U.N.E.S.C.O. Site
  • Scotland – Edinburgh, Food, Gardens, Tattoo Festival, Harry Potter Tour, UNESCO Sites, Highlands, Castles.
  • Wisconsin- Horicon Marsh, Milwaukee-Frank Lloyd Wright and Domes.
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