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One Day of Gluttony in Madison Wisconsin

My friends be jealous, this delicious and much coveted beverage can only be purchased in Wisconsin.

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Taco Libre – Montgomery,Alabama

Taco Libre was held on June 18th , 2016, in the historic Union Station Train Shed of downtown Montgomery, Alabama. This beautiful spot along the Alabama River is a great spot for an outdoor event with a cover in the event of rain or on this day, sunshine.

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Brews-in-N-Cruisin Along The Alabama River, Riverbend Brewsfest and Brewscruise, Montgomery, AL

The third annual Riverbend Brew Fest was held in Montgomery, Alabama on the beautiful Alabama River. The sun gave way to some rain but did not dampen my enthusiasm to learn about micro and craft brews, take in some music, friends and a boat ride on the scenic river.

Great Setting

Taken from the “Brewcruise” 

The $25.00 entrance fee gained me a keepsake sampling glass.  Welcomed by friendly volunteers, I was handed a bag which included pen and notepaper-Nice touch!

Welcome bag and sampling glass

Welcome bag and sampling glass

From 3-6 p.m, I was able to use that glass to sample craft and seasonal beers,ales and ciders from local, regional and national craft, micro and specialty brewers. Lucky Buddah Enlightened Beer is brewed in Australia. I guess I could say that I tasted at an International event.

This takes the prize for coolest bottle!

This takes the prize for coolest bottle!

Along two levels of riverfront, with the Harriott II docked in the background, it was a fantastic setting.

Great setting!

Great setting!  Red Hook, Shock Top & Goose Island

A really nice turn out with fun and friendly people.    A great snap of what is on in the Alabama craft world, many wonderful and passionate brewers are dedicating to sharing their craft.

Dedicated to sharing craft

Black Warrior,Tuscaloosa, AL and Rocket Republic, Madison, AL

It was fun to see how the brewers shared their product.It was so interesting to watch the folks share the love of their craft, and listen to the questions that participants ask.  I also loved looking at the tents.  Sweetwater had a pretty sweet set up.

Sweetwater, you are sweet-Right on!

Sweetwater, you are sweet-Right on!

I learned  few of these brews are from my home state of Wisconsin.  I enjoyed Hinterland  of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and will visit the brewery when I am “home.”

Hinterland, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Hinterland, Green Bay, Wisconsin

I really had no idea that like wine and whiskey, there are extensive descriptions and sophisticated tasting methods. For example, ..”Transatlantique Kiriek is described as; Sprizty, mouthwatering, sweet-tart, candy, chalky, created a full-bodied Belgian golden lager to round out the light-bodied kriek. The cherry nose gives way to a pleasingly sour flash across the palate that rolls gently into a slightly sweet finish. Crisp, effervescent carbonation keeps the mouthfeel bright and delightfully tingly. A lambic style beer with cherry with 8% ABV Clear, ruby red stained glass, fluffy pink cotton candy foam..”

YES PLEASE on the dessert!

YES PLEASE on the dessert!

I had two personal favorites. My top favorite was a seasonal brew from Shock Top called  Spiced Banana Wheat. It is brewed by Anheuser-Busch so I imagine it costs less than the $5.00 per bottle of the English Wells version.   I am learning that I lean towards desserts. Who knew?

Shock Top Bananna Wheat

Shock Top Banana Wheat on right

I also loved Rammer Jammer.  This is a light beer with less calories than Michelob Ultra.  I learned later from my hairdresser that this beer is known to be the beer of a certain football team fans, and that the other team won’t drink it. Let me tell you orange and blue, you are missing out big time. Taste this beer, I mean it! Later, when I googled to try to verify this statement, I learned that this beer was created by two Alabama men and perfected in my home-state of Monroe, Wisconsin. and perfected by a brewmaster at Minhas Craft Brewery. So lighten up other team, literally.  I will buy this to serve friends in my home.

Rammer Jammer-Most delicious light beer ever!

Rammer Jammer-Most delicious light beer ever!

There was not a lot of food vendors available.  This sold out necklace was a huge hit!

Thanks for pic niceyoung man!

Thanks for pic nice young man!

After the Riverbend Brewsfest, a “Brewscruise” aboard “The Harriott II.” is also offered. Not an extension of the tasting, beer was available for purchase.  A band played while cruising the scenic Alabama River.  Upon embarkment, more music was offered at Riverjam Festival in the beautiful Riverwalk Amphitheater at Riverfront Park.  That is a lot of River words!

It was a fun day in Montgomery, Alabama. Full of learning in a scenic spot with fun and adventurous friends.  Everyone had a great time.

MEGastars; I give this event 4 of 5 MEGastars ****


  1. Plan to get tickets ahead of time. They do sell out.  Because I had so many issues with trying to get the $10.00 “brewscruise” along with my ticket to the Brewfest, I would go in person next time. When I tried on-line without success, and then over the phone, the friendly person did know how to do the combination tickets to get the $10.00 rate. She had someone call me, who although friendly, had someone else call me,that never called me. In the end, my credit card was charged $55.00 for two cruise tickets.   I would go in person or make sure that you get the proper rate. Had this gone smoothe, I would have given Meg’s 5 stars.
  2. Stay overnight or have a sober driver. Those little beers can sneak up on you pretty quickly.
  3. There was not a lot of food available for me. I am not sure which vendors may be there in 2016 but you may want to make sure that you have something in your stomach while you taste.
  4. Visit other Montgomery venues, restaurants and historic interests. I have written a good few blogs on this area. See keyword Montgomery.

Magnificent Munich

I am in love. I love Germany, I love Bavaria, I love Munich.  “Far Away Friday” in this great city.

europe venice to muniv=ch 276

Bavaria stole my heart.  I wrote in four other parts;Dachau, Rothernburg ob der Tabuer, Wieskirche and Neuschwanstein.  This was one of those MEGASTOPS that will remain with me forever.

While the countryside of Bavaria was fairy tale and peaceful, I found Munich to be energetic, historical and a whole lot of fun.

Europe trip 003

Here are a few sights that i took in.



Mix of old and new

Mix of old and new

Great mixture of old and new. Beautiful churches with amazing craftsmanship.

Munich is a fun place to walk around and see ‘stuff.”  Great parks, A mix of old and new. Castles, gardens, parks and squares.

Interesting things that I see while zooming around this planet. Yes, it is touristy sight, but I am a tourist, Duh!  And w ho doesn’t have this on their bucket list?

One of the places that represent this city has to be the Glockenspiel in the tower/balcony of the Neues Rathaus. It is in the Marienplatz Square. Since 1908 people have been gathering for the 12 minute scene. 32 figurines that represent stories from Munich’s history, revolve on two levels. Cooper’s dancers, an angel of peace and the city coat of arms. Right on!

Europe trip 017

Europe trip 014

You can go to top of tower and see city sights. On the day that I visited there was construction and I missed out.  I really want to do this and hope I get another chance.

Unusual things Imust see while zooming around this planet

Unusual things I must see while zooming around this planet!

Not pictured is some pretty cool shopping nearby. I didn’t do because I got a bit thirsty. Which brings me to the beer. Born in Milwaukee and raised in Wisconsin.  The largest German population in the U.S.A., there is a little bit of beer, and a whole lot of party. Munich had that familiar spark.

Nearby there is a market not to be missed. Oddly, I must have deleted my photos from the market area.  Viktualienmarkt (a farmers’ market.)  Picture fresh fruits, vegetables, sausage, cheeses and yep beer under beautiful oak trees.  Speaking of beer.

Europe trip 038

This is the real deal.  Not a beer drinker?  This location offers a fantastic lunch stop in a beautiful courtyard.   You can wander around inside and buy some goods. Music plays on a stage indoors.  Great menu in a fantastic setting. 5 MEGastars for this place!

My favorite meal in Munich was a completely unexpected find. I peeked into the door of a recommended German restaurant, I just wasn’t feeling it, and decided to walk up the street to a flea market that I had noticed on the drive in.

europe ven alp mun 260

I found this neighborhood park. Apparently, it was beer o’clock here.

europe venice to muniv=ch 285

europe venice to muniv=ch 286

I wonder if this man saw my “secret” snap. I was trying to be polite.

I found a full on neighborhood shindig in this lil park. There was a band, food carts, people joining in the music and more beer. I ate the BEST food here. There were about 5 carts with different foods and a bakery cart.  Wish I had more snaps to share.

europe venice to muniv=ch 289

The food was not a mutant hybrid.

I may have had some fun here.  Seems I stayed past dark.I took some blurry photos

europe venice to muniv=ch 296

Great sites, great walks, great markets, great beer, great friends. What more could a girl ask for?  I have put Oktoberfest onto my bucket list and hope that I can spend a bit more time in  Magnificent Munich!

europe venice to muniv=ch 297

I love Germany and it loved me!

And I always try to find a cool toilet.  Outside of that beer garden cause when ya gotta-ya gotta go.  Bring your € !



Some quirky photos are on

MEGastars-5***** Love


  1. Spend more than a few days in this fine city.
  2. I stayed in a few Munich locations. I loved Marriott Residence Inn Munich East. In the Haidhausen District. Just steps away from The Munich Ostbenhauf (train station) and just 7 minutes to downtown.  I had a car and there was underground parking.  An amazing breakfast buffet. Super clean-modern rooms and outdoor seating.  A 25 minute drive to the airport and near that fun park. This was one of my favorite stays europe ven alp mun 265
  3. There are many great restaurants nearby. I loved that park.  I also ate at L’ANGOLO DELLA PIZZA – Ristorante, Bar & Holzofen-Pizzeria.  You need reservations but they let me have someone else’s spot as they were late. Oops, sorry, their loss. europe ven alp mun 257
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