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Calle Ocho Carnival Miami & The Cuban Sandwich Smackdown

The Kiwanis Club welcomes visitors from all over the world to Calle Ocho where visitors numbered 1-1.5 million. NBD. On the streets, there is music stages on every block, dancing, and conga lines, food, vendors, children's areas and more food.

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Little Havana Chowdown-A Tasty Tuesday Megabite

Tasting food in Little Havana was on my Miami Bucket List. Before this trip, I found a great article on “11 Latin Dishes in Miami To Try Before You Die.”

Art Love Life

Art Love Life

The Versailles Restaurant seemed to pop up on every article that I read.   i really loved it!  There is a bakery room where you can pick up the most amazing foods and that great coffee! I give Versailles 5 MEGASTARS *****

Yum  Take your number and shop while you wait.

Sandwiches to die for! The Cuban Sandwich was on my list and in my belly.     Cuban Coffee, Cuban pull, Cuban espresso, cuban shot.

Just what is cuban coffee?  I learned it is a specific roast from Bustelo or Pilon brands, owned by Cuban exiles.   It is an expresso like drink brewed with demera sugar in the beginning and it forms a syrup, topped with a head called espumita.  I found it in many places and on the cheap.   You can also buy these little cups, I mean tiny like smaller than a shot-glass.    There are entire blogs written about the ways to order your Cuban Coffee.  Me, I went for the double double Cortadito, which has a bit of milk. I had a second thanks to the two days and two red eye flights.  The second cup, I ordered with sugar free sweetener.   Of course it was best with the sugar, but a girls gotta be careful when chowing her way through Lil Havana.

On that note, I had breakfast one morning at Versailles and I was curious about the Cuban toast.  I felt ashamed of myself for eating the entire piece slathered with butter, I got over it. So Good!  Perfection.

Down the street from Versailles on Calle Ocho I ate at Exquisito.  This restaurant was recommended by The Travel Channel website for traditional Cuban meals.  I tried their suggestion of Vaca Frita with a side of Malanga, which is described as an edible ornamental, sub tropical plant. The portion of the root is fried and served with garlic sauce.  What’s not to like about that?  5 MEGASTARS *****



Vaca Frita With Malanga

Vaca Frita With Malanga and Plantains

Exquisito - shrimp with rice. NOM

Exquisito – shrimp with rice. NOM


Steak with frita and cuban rice.

Across the street is this super cool artisanal ice cream  and sorbet “boutique” called Azucar.  I was reading an article about Cuban Sandwiches, and this place was mentioned as a celebration if Miami’s diverse cultures. I learned the flavors rotate weekly. With flavors such as sweet plantain and rum cake with walnuts, it’s tough to be just passing through.  5 megastars for Azucar *****




1. Go straight to Versailles. It’s good and the prices are reasonable. Nice service and a fun menu.

2. Flying in and out of the Miami Airport on the red eye? Great Cuban coffee to be found there.

3. Azucar was pretty special-save room for this place.

4. Go with a purpose because there are so many wonderful choices!

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