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Wright On Madison-Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace.

I thought certain elements that were just weird to me in design concept looked amazing in practice. Clearly, I am no visionary.

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Meg Visits Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum – Key West Florida

I love his hard hitting truth. Some of my favorite quotes came from this contraption and here are a few.

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Happy Birthday From The Big Cave in Kentucky- 7 Ways That Mammoth Cave Humbled Me.

A place that takes on shapes and forms of another world and my imagination went in many directions.

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Urban Bourbon – Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon Trail

If you are a bourbon enthusiast, a history buff, or just looking for something interesting to do in Louisville, you too will be interested in this fun-filled historical bourbon tour.

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Go Big or Go Home-100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die

Another thing that I love about this place that is not to be missed is that this business gives back to the community. I had wondered what the large hanging Marlin Fish was all about.

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2015 Best,Weirdest & Coolest MEGabites

This dish is going into my surprised me category. Super tasty!
Nude Oyster’s at Wintzell's in Mobile, Alabama. OK My husband still disagrees on me giving them a 5 because they are a chain. I loved a few dishes from their menu that were Alabama. (Name these instead)
Sweet Potato Casserole at Martin's in Montgomery, Alabama. This was so delicious. I don't really like sweet potato casserole but it tasted like pie. YUM!
4-Best Party/Drinks

Ummmm that beer brewed by Paulauner special for the season out of the barrel at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. How will I top this in 2016 or like EVER?
Peach Sangria in Savannah, Georgia-In season, this concoction is made with fresh Georgia peaches. It is an open container city. Nothing like walking around on a steamy Savannah summer evening, listening to tunes while sipping this darling.
Visiting Jim Beam on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. There was also some good pulled pork in a beautiful setting.
Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Ihad a few interesting visits this past year. Party on Wayne!
Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee. Although I have visited this fine city on many occasions, this was my first night visit to this street. (Can you say kids are all grown up.) Had a blast listening to many different styles of music. I am excited to return.
3 - Weird/Interesting/Learn Stuff

Eating crawfish boil at Mulletfest in Orange Beach,Alabama. What is this you ask? I participated in this event where one stands in a circle and throws a mullet fish (so not hair-sorry) from a circle in Florida, across a state line into Alabama. People come from many places in the U.S. and the world. There are bands and a big party all weekend. I took 17th place in my age category. Interesting trip.
Pizza cone in New, Orleans, Louisiana. It's not a bad idea but Ragu in crust. Meh.
I ate white BBQ sauce at Big Bob Gibsons Bar-B-Que in Decautur, Alabama. Interesting. Yep, popped that cherry.

From playing “100 Dishes in Alabama Before You Die” to chowing down on the top of a mountain overlooking __countries, this has been a year that will be a challenge to top. Certainly, I expanded my horizon. I gained interesting insight into my own tastes. I tried dishes that I would never have tried without an introduction. I hope to inspire you t have fun trying new foods and food experiences. Eat on and stay healthy! Find Peace through food and friends.

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1265 Lombardi Avenue – A Historical Address In American Football

I grew up near near Green Bay, Wisconsin and most of my adult life has been spent away from this hallowed ground.   However, I am lucky enough to be a season ticket holder and “owner.”  so, with a  $312 million project at stake, I thought it might be a great time to check up on the old place.

O.K., so maybe I am only one of 360,760 proud owners of the 5,011,558 shares; All joking aside, it has been fantastic to watch the forward progress. Unique in the NFL, Green Bay Packers have been supported by their fan base and shareholders and are a non profit and publicly owned team.

As of 2014, Green Bay, Wisconsin, has a population of 104,891.  Located in a neighborhood, where fans can step out of their front door and walk to the stadium. It truly is a team and place endeared by the people.

Hometown stadium

Hometown stadium

As you drive up to the stadium,  you are able to see the statues of legendary Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi.  Curly Lambeau founded The Green Bay Packers in 1919. He was a shipping clerk for The Indian Packing Company. Along with a local newspaper Editor, an idea was formed and a team put together.  The President of The Indian Packing Company agreed to help fund the team if they retained the name, The Green Bay Packers.  Curly won his first of three consecutive NFL championships in 1929, and added titles in 1936, ’39 and ’44.  After his death, the stadium named was changed from City Stadium to Lambeau Field.

Fun name facts. Lambeau Field aka

  • Also called and trademarked “Titletown USA”
  • ‘The Tundra” It gets a little cold in these parts.
  • “The Frozen Tundra”
  • “Hallowed Ground”
  • “LaLaLaaaammmmbeau”

Vince Lombardi, a legendary coach who happens to have a little trophy named after him.

I began my tour at Robert E. Harlan Plaza, named in honor of the former team CEO (1989-2007).  A visionary, who helped grow this franchise.

I entered through into a huge and sunny 180’ x 80’ wall of glass and into the five-story Lambeau Field Atrium. There are three different tours offered of Lambeau Field;  Classic Stadium Tour, the Champions Tour and the Legendary Tour. The Legendary Tour is offered during training camp.  Although I have been on a tour previously, I chose The Champions Tour so that I was best able to see some of the exciting updates that have been in progress

yard lines inside

yard lines inside. this photo missing the newly added Hall-of-Famer, Brett Favre. 

I met with my tour guide and group of about 20 people. We were given a brief overview of the exciting changes. We learned that the lines on the floor correspond with the yard lines on the field.


There is a huge Pro Shop with something for everyone.  Very high quality and unique items are in the shop.

2014 Summer photos Iowa Wisconsin 085

The outdoor entrance to the Pro Shop is super cool.  The picture on the left shows the 50 Foot Lombardi Trophy Replica.  Obviously, I took that pic in the winter and if you look closely you can see that shiny object.  Through this entrance, you pass by the trophy to get to the Pro Shop or the escalator.  Very impressive and quite the welcome.

We learned that The Packer’s Hall of Fame is now on two levels and is 15,000 Square feet.

There is also a newly opened restaurant named 1919 Curly’s Tap that serves food sourced with local ingredients.  There are 80 beers on tap. (Of course, it’s Wisconsin.)

We visited a private suite and learned how the other half lives.

Sweet Suites!

Sweet Suites!

I especially enjoyed visiting the conference areas and the corporate meeting and events facilities.   We learned that the stadium went from being open 10 days per year to 365 days.  Many events are now held here and can meet the needs of groups from 25-1200 people.  The rooms were state of the art with history and memorabilia abound.

We rode the elevator to the top of the South End. In 2013, a new section which closed the south end-zone structure and features approximately 7,000 new seats, including new premium seating, sponsor and partner areas.and was able to hear how the sound echoes even with 20 people.

Top of the world!

Top of the world!

We got to go even higher up to an outdoor patio area under the big “G” sign and lights.  What a cool view!

We then took the elevator to the field level.  We learned that there have been many state of the art improvements.  We were unable to go into the new super cool football shaped swanky locker locker room, but did see a photo hung on the wall.  It is very impressive.

We walked down the tunnel that leads to the field with the game day music playing.  We all loved that part.

We walked over a special concrete slab and the tour guide pointed out the significance.  Best stated on this plaque.

This tour took place not too long after Kenny Chesney and 45,000 of his fans hung out.  The field was in the process of rebuilding that beautiful turf.


I learned that this franchise has purchased 80 homes and businesses in the area surrounding the stadium.  Having already spent $27 million dollars, the plan being to make an area such as the new England Patriots 700 acre complex for fans to enjoy.

I highly recommend this tour.  Even if you are not a football fan or if your allegiance is with another team, this stadium, The Hall of Fame and the Pro shop really is something to see, and a unique history that plays a part in all of the NFL.  Don’t believe me?

  • in 1999 when Sports Illustrated named it the eighth-best facility in the world to watch sports
  • and the only NFL stadium to make the magazine’s “Top 20” list.
  • 2007 and 2008 rated by Sports Illustrated, Lambeau Field as the No. 1 stadium experience in the NFL,
  • ESPN The Magazine in 2009 and 2011-12.

I give this tour 5 MEGastars *****


  1. The tours do sell out especially near training camp, game day and vacation season.  Check the website prior to visiting and show up early.

Sweet Home Alabama -100 Dishes To Eat Before You Die-English Toffee at Price Morgan Candy Company

Today just happens to be National Milk Chocolate Day and I was so fortunate that I was able to get a taste of this “Sweet Home Alabama.”

English Toffee at Morgan Price Coffee Company, located in Decatur, Alabama is my 100 Dish MEGabite stop. Number 21 or 80 on my countdown. This family recipe is made from buttery toffee and frosted with premium chocolate and sprinkled with toasted almonds. This deliciousness is described as “…the perfect sweet, salty and crunchy treats…”-Alabama Tourism Board.



The shop is a fun stop. The woman who was working nicely stopped to answer my questions. You are able to see the kitchen and racks of various candies along with some unique shop items.

The English Toffee and was every bit as delicious as it was described. I also bought the Macadamia Toffee. They were both so over the top delicious; I had to take some home for myself and a few packages for gifts.

A really great stop, this is truly Sweet Home Alabama. I give this dish 5 MEGastars *****

*** for tasting out of this world, melt in your mouth delicious

*for wonderful people and a really nice, clean and inviting shop.

* Meets the criteria of local food with Alabama pride.


  1. Can’t get there? You may order on-line. They also have some fantastic baskets that would be great gifts or raffle donations.
  2. Playing 100 Dishes? Located next door to Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q., you have the ability to stuff your face and knock off a few dishes.
  3. Try the Macadamia Toffee-yum!   I simply loved it!
  4. Located about 15 minutes off of 1-65, it is a pretty easy stop.

*100 Dishes to eat in Alabama before you die is a compilation of food to chow down on Bama style. Thanks to Tourism Alabama, my Alabama bucket list just became a little easier. I am going to have some fun while making my way like Ms. Pacman, in yet another state that I call home. Download the alphabetical brochure that begins in Abbertville and ends in York. From the little old diner to the white cloth joint, it is an opportunity to explore and experience pride in the food from restaurateurs who are dedicated to local food with some Alabama style. From BBQ to James Beard recipients. I use a 5 MEGastar system. If I give one of these dishes a 5th star, it means, I nearly died and went to heaven eating the dish, Loved it and don’t you miss it!

Suburban Meg Was Wanted For A Felony Car Jacking-Travel Story

Having visited Savannah, Georgia several times, I am familiar with the city and the historic downtown district, and have always felt safe.  I stayed in a different hotel this time because it looked interesting. Little did I know, I would get one interesting travel tale.

Savannah Style

Savannah Style

It is a hotel chain that  has been my favorite for many years, I am choosing not to call them out.

To park the car at this hotel, one uses the Valet Service.  I spent a number of days visiting without using car, and like most Savannah tourists, I walk everywhere.  I had a fantastic time there, ate some great food, took a ghost tour and checked off a few remaining sights on my Savannah bucket list.

Getting ready to head out of town to see rural Georgia, I went to get my car. There was a man speaking with the Valet, who couldn’t seem to find his car.  Long story short, my car was missing along with six other vehicles.

Nice calm police officer.

Nice calm police officer.

It got a bit messy, police were called, cameras of course were not operating, and a lot of waiting around to get a car to get home.  I bonded with some fun people, and met some guys returning to Switzerland, lucky for them, they didn’t need their car to get to the airport.  I was embarrassed that this happened to them while visiting this fine country.

Finally, I secured a rental car to get home. It turns out that the Navigation for the rental car that I was driving, was turned on vs the car that was stolen.  Genius.

Apparently, the  police respond very quickly to a felony in action.  Lucky for me, I had a whim for a veggie Subway with Guacamole.  The police and I mean three departments and six cars, showed up when I was in line.

When the officers came in, I had no idea they were looking for me.  They were just as confused to see no one freaking out and Meg, in her suburban sports dress chatting up people like friendly Midwestern girl.



Another hour to get the NAVstar and the police relaxed.  They said I was so lucky. Had I been on the interstate, guns would have been drawn.

Super nice officer!  Very helpful. Outstanding!

Super nice officer! Very helpful. Outstanding!

I did get to see rural Georgia and eat some mighty fine peaches. Oh, my car was totaled and set on fire with my favorite car blanket in it.


  1. Don’t give the Valet your key? idk?
  2. More on Savannah, see Ghost Bustering in Savannah, Savoring Savannah, and my Savannah Bucket List.
  3. Live Peace and Love!

Meg Munching Moussaka-100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die-

My #18 munch or #83 on the countdown of 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die has brought me to a visit at Nabeel’s to try their Moussaka.

Nabeel’s Café’ and Market is located on the outskirts of Birmingham in beautiful Homewood, Alabama. For over 20 years, Nabeel’s was a market that sold Mediterranean products, and was purchased by the Krontiras family; he from Southern Greece and she from Northern Italy.   This couple began their business to fulfill a need for a family café with authentic Mediterranean foods and a friendly market for authentic Mediterranean products.

Nabeel's Market and Cafe

Nabeel’s Market and Cafe

Nabeel's Market

Nabeel’s Market

Nice outdoor cafe seating!

Nice outdoor cafe seating!

The restaurant walls have many framed awards attesting to the love this community has for the food. There are two dishes from Nabeel’s on The 100 List”

There are TWO Dishes from Nabeel's on The 100 List

There are TWO Dishes from Nabeel’s on The 100 List

The interior is spacious.

The menu is large with choices of both Greek and Italian.  I loved the appetizer menu, and  could have eaten each and every item.  Hummus, dips and  baked cheeses-Yes please.   However, I was here for the Moussaka star.

My dish came with a small starter salad served with a slice of bread. Crisp with a few olives, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and real feta cheese. The Greek dressing was unique. It was sweet yet savory. I liked it. I note that the dressing is sold in the restaurant and and market. I found in the reviews that fans of this dressing do stock up when they visit.

Starter salad

Starter salad

Nabeel’s offers this Mediterranean inspired Moussaka casserole, layered first with sautéed eggplant, sautéed ground beef and onions and topped with a thick layer of creamy béchamel over top, and garnished with tomato fondue.The Moussaka portion was average, about the size of a card deck. It was light and tasty with that hint of cinnamon and Kasseri cheese.


I read many reviews on this restaurant. I want to point out one fact that may address a few negative reviews.  Moussaka is usually served warm not piping hot. The rationale is that this dish needs resting time to set up so if you ask them to warm it, it may even separate. I am not a chef but I think it helps when we know what to expect.

MEGastars;  I give this dish 4 ****

  • One MEGastar * for; prompt courteous service, great menu, interesting décor and a clean enough atmosphere.
  • Two MEGastars ** for an interesting tasty bite.
  • One MEGastar * I give my 4th MEGastar for dishes that meet the criteria set forth by Alabama Tourism; local food with Alabama style. I do not know if Nabeel’s uses local foods.   However, I do feel that this family cafe and market take pride in community, and for that I applaud and award them with a 4th Thanks to Nabeel’s for bringing Mediterranean foods to Alabama!


Fun Market!

Fun Market!

  1. Don’t miss the market. Small but packs in some great stuff to make your Mediterranean inspired dishes. Dried herbs and specialty oils, candies, meats and cheeses and pre-made foods for your carry out enjoyment. Loved it!
  2. Minutes from I-65, this is an easy stop for on off 100 Dish folks.
  3. Leave some room for the appetizers and the Baklava.
  4. Love that salad dressing, stock up!
  5. Check out Nabeel’s recipes on their website. Thanks for sharing!

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