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2015 Best,Weirdest & Coolest MEGabites

This dish is going into my surprised me category. Super tasty!
Nude Oyster’s at Wintzell's in Mobile, Alabama. OK My husband still disagrees on me giving them a 5 because they are a chain. I loved a few dishes from their menu that were Alabama. (Name these instead)
Sweet Potato Casserole at Martin's in Montgomery, Alabama. This was so delicious. I don't really like sweet potato casserole but it tasted like pie. YUM!
4-Best Party/Drinks

Ummmm that beer brewed by Paulauner special for the season out of the barrel at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. How will I top this in 2016 or like EVER?
Peach Sangria in Savannah, Georgia-In season, this concoction is made with fresh Georgia peaches. It is an open container city. Nothing like walking around on a steamy Savannah summer evening, listening to tunes while sipping this darling.
Visiting Jim Beam on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. There was also some good pulled pork in a beautiful setting.
Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Ihad a few interesting visits this past year. Party on Wayne!
Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee. Although I have visited this fine city on many occasions, this was my first night visit to this street. (Can you say kids are all grown up.) Had a blast listening to many different styles of music. I am excited to return.
3 - Weird/Interesting/Learn Stuff

Eating crawfish boil at Mulletfest in Orange Beach,Alabama. What is this you ask? I participated in this event where one stands in a circle and throws a mullet fish (so not hair-sorry) from a circle in Florida, across a state line into Alabama. People come from many places in the U.S. and the world. There are bands and a big party all weekend. I took 17th place in my age category. Interesting trip.
Pizza cone in New, Orleans, Louisiana. It's not a bad idea but Ragu in crust. Meh.
I ate white BBQ sauce at Big Bob Gibsons Bar-B-Que in Decautur, Alabama. Interesting. Yep, popped that cherry.

From playing “100 Dishes in Alabama Before You Die” to chowing down on the top of a mountain overlooking __countries, this has been a year that will be a challenge to top. Certainly, I expanded my horizon. I gained interesting insight into my own tastes. I tried dishes that I would never have tried without an introduction. I hope to inspire you t have fun trying new foods and food experiences. Eat on and stay healthy! Find Peace through food and friends.

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Variety Is The Spice Of Life-Yeah You Right, New Orleans

Tasty Tuesday in New Orleans.  I am making my way like Ms. Pacman through this awesome city. Can’t wait to get back and stuff my face.

“Yeah You Right” is an expression of agreement or happiness in New Orleans slanguage. Fun words and fun foods in a fun city.

Jackson Square Heartbeat of City

Jackson Square Heartbeat of City

The food, like this city, is an exclamation point!

Say you were out partying all night.

Grab a Beignet. “Beignets”-A fried square piece of dough with powdered sugar. Brought to New Orleans by the Acadians.  (Acadians came from Canada during the 1700’s and settled around New Orleans and were a major influence on the foods.)


The most famous place for Beignet’s is The Café Du Monde. This place has been around since 1862, and uses chicory in their coffee. I learned that during The Civil War, coffee was scarce and chicory was used to boost the flavor.

It’s all about this! I give them 3.5 MEGastars *** and 1/2 *  What a wild fun atmosphere.

Myself, I love the beignet’s at Café Beignet. This little treasure is quiet, tucked back in a corner called Jazz park.  Music is often playing  on a stage and  I can enjoy my favorite Beignet’s. You can also buy other NOLA foods without the crowds and stink. I give this place a full on 5 MEGastars *****

Cafe Beignet at Jazz park.

Cafe Beignet at Jazz park.

Want the morning cure for everything?  I love The Broken Egg!

This place was SO good and happy. Plus, they were nice enough to custom cook a more healthy breakfast special for me.  Next time I visit, I want that lobster and brie omelette in my belly. It is cream cheese filled omelette with Brie & sautéed lobster meat, topped with a light champagne butter sauce, diced tomatoes & green onions. RUKM? I give them 5 MEGastars *****

Creole and Cajun Style dining in a beautiful courtyard! Yes please. The Gumbo Shop is an award winning place and wins “best of..” awards.  I found this place from a friend who has lived in this area. My photos of the courtyard turned out funky, trust me, the courtyard was a great place to eat al fresco style.

Good Gumbo! Award winning chicken andouille gumbo. I give them 4.45 MEGastars ****.45* MEGATIP- Try the creole clam chowder.

I also loved The Acme Oyster House.

The oysters are really good here. Shucked fresh to order. I also tasted their meat pies. Reminded me of a Pasty. It was appetizer sized and pretty good.  I really loved the seafood etouffee with fried tail-Pictured top row far right. One of my travel friends tried The New Orleans Medley  (last pic above) which is a sampling of fun stuff; gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice and grilled smoked sausage. I loved everything. they get 5 MEGastars ***** TO NOTE, I ate at their Covington location. MEGatip-try the Shrimp Etouffee with the fried crawfish. 

Now for the Po Boy. One can write an entire blog about this bad boy.  I love the fried shrimp po boy.  The thing that makes this sandwich distinct is the bread. It reminded me a bit like the cuban bread that I recently loved in Little Havana. Nummy-crackly-crisp on the outside, tender and super-light interior. My pick is NOLA Poboy.

See a cool parade-

parade time

parade time

Rated by Meg and the travel channel,  I like NOLA Grocery Poboys. It’s funky and has a lot of menu choices. From their website; “Nola Poboys not only serves the traditional hot roast beef po-boys dripping with gravy but we serve over 45 types of OTHER poboys. Fried seafood are the most popular versions, including shrimp, oysters, soft-shell crab and catfish. Pattons hot or smoked sausage, Chisesi ham and cheese and hamburger are also available.
All po-boys, come “dressed” which means a topping of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and pickles.” 4 MEGastars ****

Anyone else ever heard the boasting about macaroni and cheese being ‘Southern?”  While I appreciate cultural/geographical qualities, I dislike labeling and regionalism and I am from Wisconsin. I like my cheese and i know a thing or two about  far out macaroni and cheese. So trust me when I tell you, I had some dang good macaroni and cheese in NOLA.check out my fridge drawer and party platter.

The Irish House chef Matt Murphy makes a mean Irish Mac& Cheese. Creamy white cheddar with bangers and caramelized onions.

I love Irish Pubs and visit in most cities


. This one is great and has some fantastic food. Plus they serve ‘Feckin Whiskey” I just like saying that.  other great foods at my table. Double Decker Bus Burger is desrving of a descripton; two ground patties with Irish cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, and a sunny side up egg (Paleo with adjustment, Gluten-Free with adjustment), Bacon wrapped dates and arugula, Fish and chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Roasted Beet Salad.  No one walked away disappointed.  I give them 4.5 MEGastars. MEGATIPS; Get the macaroni and cheese. See if you can check out the currach upstairs.

This brings me to another macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese  by James Beard award winning chef, Donald Link of Cochon was ranked by Food And Wine magazine as one of the best in the U.S.A.    It was THAT good. I am talking 5 MEGastars ***** meaning I actually wanted to die when I ate this.  Made with pancetta mixed in with mushrooms, leeks, aged sharp cheddar, mild cheddar and white wine. perfect elbow noodles and topped with crunchy, aged provolone and house-made breadcrumbs with herbs. $##@!!!!  I asked the waiter so many questions about this dish.



Located in The Warehouse District, this place hands down deserves a look.               

Other foods tried at my table; Boucherie plate, smoked pork ribs with watermelon pickle, meat pie with spicy mayonaise, Abita draft root beer.  I found it a bit pricey but I loved the menu and food. I give them 4 MEGastars. A full on 5 MEGastars for that macaroni and cheese 5*****

*To note, my friend had me going to Cochon Butcher. It is located right next door. I missed that part but was glad that I tried Cochon.  Here are some snaps I took at Cochon Butcher and am going to try it next visit. Would love to taste their Muffaletta. I think Bourdain liked the joint.

For fine dining.

Adolfo’s located in the funky Faubourg Marigny neighborhood on Frenchman Street and  above The Apple Bar.  The night that I visited, I waited inline and was told they were going to open late because they ‘ran out of food.”  IDK what that was about but I ended up waiting based upon a recommendation.   The wait was a bit awkward with people asking for money while in line.  Described as italian-Creole cooking. I was going to try fish with their ocean sauce but the waiter tried too hard to sell  (at every table) so I went for the crab filled Canneloni.   It is not a white table cloth joint. More of a funky artsy vibe. It was cash only. It was in an old building.  They hauled out trash during my dinner which stunk pretty darn bad.  I know this place has amazing reviews but I was 50-50 on the whole experience.  You can read the reviews on their facebook page as well as the usual sites.  I probably would give it another try.  To note, this just happened- Voted Official Best of Louisiana’s Creole-Italian cuisine. They will be featured on a few TV shows.  Based upon my experience I give them 2.5 MEGastars. ** and 1/2 *



Irene’s was classy. I was able to sneak in without a reservation. They do accept walk in’s and I got lucky. I had to wait a bit but there I was able to wait indoors near a piano player.  It is had great service, good wine menu, and good food. It is a dining experience and they make you feel important. Italian food and great seafood. I give them 4 MEGastars ****

IMG_0044 IMG_0045

Like a place that does not have Duck Confit or Country Terrine on the menu?

Yep everywhere

Yep everywhere

Fritzel’s Jazz Pub has some mighty fine music.


Behind the bar where the bathroom is located-



There is a lovely courtyard and this groovy food window for take out of this dish-

Yep, it’s the elusive pizza cone. The people at the table next to me, saw this and had to try.  Here is one reaction.



They are pre-made and not to custom order. Ragu sauce inside. Interesting.  I give it 2 MEGastars ** for barfood and creativity.  I kinda liked it.

Gotta check this place out.

Gotta check this place out.

There is a Chef named Emeril. Looks like a great menu. I may want to check this place out.

This long Tasty Tuesday is one that I can not wait to repeat with some new places. Fun city and a wonderful variety.   “Yeah You Right.”

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