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Suburban Meg Was Wanted For A Felony Car Jacking-Travel Story

Having visited Savannah, Georgia several times, I am familiar with the city and the historic downtown district, and have always felt safe.  I stayed in a different hotel this time because it looked interesting. Little did I know, I would get one interesting travel tale.

Savannah Style

Savannah Style

It is a hotel chain that  has been my favorite for many years, I am choosing not to call them out.

To park the car at this hotel, one uses the Valet Service.  I spent a number of days visiting without using car, and like most Savannah tourists, I walk everywhere.  I had a fantastic time there, ate some great food, took a ghost tour and checked off a few remaining sights on my Savannah bucket list.

Getting ready to head out of town to see rural Georgia, I went to get my car. There was a man speaking with the Valet, who couldn’t seem to find his car.  Long story short, my car was missing along with six other vehicles.

Nice calm police officer.

Nice calm police officer.

It got a bit messy, police were called, cameras of course were not operating, and a lot of waiting around to get a car to get home.  I bonded with some fun people, and met some guys returning to Switzerland, lucky for them, they didn’t need their car to get to the airport.  I was embarrassed that this happened to them while visiting this fine country.

Finally, I secured a rental car to get home. It turns out that the Navigation for the rental car that I was driving, was turned on vs the car that was stolen.  Genius.

Apparently, the  police respond very quickly to a felony in action.  Lucky for me, I had a whim for a veggie Subway with Guacamole.  The police and I mean three departments and six cars, showed up when I was in line.

When the officers came in, I had no idea they were looking for me.  They were just as confused to see no one freaking out and Meg, in her suburban sports dress chatting up people like friendly Midwestern girl.



Another hour to get the NAVstar and the police relaxed.  They said I was so lucky. Had I been on the interstate, guns would have been drawn.

Super nice officer!  Very helpful. Outstanding!

Super nice officer! Very helpful. Outstanding!

I did get to see rural Georgia and eat some mighty fine peaches. Oh, my car was totaled and set on fire with my favorite car blanket in it.


  1. Don’t give the Valet your key? idk?
  2. More on Savannah, see Ghost Bustering in Savannah, Savoring Savannah, and my Savannah Bucket List.
  3. Live Peace and Love!
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