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Rob’s Deli of Chesnee, South Carolina A Small Town Deli Has Big News 11/2018

Recently, I learned through a sign in my small-town post office,  that Rob’s Deli would need to close if the business did not significantly pick up.

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Finding Karma in Pierrefonds, France

Are travel regrets mistakes, or, are they a signpost to places of the soul? 

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Southern Food Meet Midwest Value and NOLA Pizazz at Grits & Groceries Seeking The Best Food Of South Carolina’s 46 Counties *Recipe Links*

It may be out in the boondocks and literally at a crossroads but unlike most rural diners, this is a story of two professional chefs who moved from post-Hurricane Katrina

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Hiking, Biking, Mushrooming, And Taco Grooving Seeking The Best Food In South Carolina

After a day of hiking on The Continental Divide and contemplating where the rain goes to either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, Farmhouse Tacos is where it's at to fix that calorie deficit.

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Highland Baked Grits-100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die

Tasty Tuesday-A Reblog in honor of MEG’s favorite restaurant. Not only did Highlands Bar and Grill (Birmingham, AL) win the James Beard 2018 Best Restaurant in America, this past week, Highlands Bar and Grill made Food & Wine’s 40 most important restaurants in 40 years. Also congrats to the Pasty Chef Dolester Miles for her 2018 James Beard Award. Just WOW- Other related Blogs Bottega are Chez Fon Fon links above under 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.

Tasty Tuesday-Baked Grits ar Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham.  This is my #59 dish and/or 42 on the countdown.

As a transplant to Alabama, I knew little of Highlands Bar and Grill and famous Chef Frank Stitt. My expectations were humble; I just knew that I was going to be eating some grits. In this case, ignorance was definitely bliss.

If you follow my Alabama quest, you may remember that I do not like to read about the restaurants before I chow down.   Before I begin to tell you about how I kissed grits, I must tell you that I was blown away by  “finding”  this restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. In an effort to keep this tidbit short, let me put it to you this way. In 2016, this restaurant was nominated for James Beards Awards. Not in one category, but in two; Outstanding Restaurant and Outstanding Pastry Chef.

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That Day Juancho Surprised Me

It was Cinco de Mayo, you know, the St. Patrick’s Day of Mexico and I was ready for the ho-hum

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Harold’s Restaurant Inspired By The Guy

On a quest to find interesting and the best food spots around South Carolina and having seen Guy on the billboard (s) on I-85 a gazillion times, I finally popped into Harold’s.

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The Hen House is Flying The Coop For The Big Silo in Spartanburg S.C. Best Foods

Not to worry my hens, chicks, and roosters, you will all be able to get your fix of the brunch culinary delights + craft beer...

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Dachau Concentration Camp, Dachau, Germany

“We must actively resist hate and bigotry in all its forms”-Elie Wiesel #NeverForget

My recent trip to The Miami Holocaust Monument inspired me to re visit my trip to Dachau Concentration Camp in Dachau, Bavaria, Germany. So a long post on Soulful Sunday.  My visit to Dachau enriched my life, and became a part of my story.

Dachau was the longest operating camp from 1933-1945. Located near Munich, Germany, where Hitler came to power and the S.S. Headquarters were held. It became a classroom for The Nazi S.S.  Other concentration camps were modeled after Dachau.

Ekhart Tolle, New Age Philosopher, taught me a “Collective Madness.” principle that has helped me to better understand our Mad Mad World. The Nazi era is a perfect example of how an idea can make sense to one person, the idea catches fire and is carried forward by a group of people and the momentum/madness seems to make sense and  grows.

On the path from The Visitor Center…

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Tasty Tuesday- Meg’s South Carolina Gig

Bring on 2018. It is “Tasty Tuesday,” I have a new gig.

What’s Up With Meg’s New Gig?

In 2017, I met my goal to get to try 100 dishes from Alabama Tourism’s 100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.”  However, *spoiler alert, there are give or take 212 food dishes in total, so my quest is… ongoing.

In the meanwhile, I have found myself in South Carolina and I wondered now what?

Fortunately for me, I have a new friend, who after listening to my account of relocation from Alabama to South Carolina and my need for a South Carolina food quest, came up with a solution.

He showed me a list of “The best restaurants in each South Carolina County for 2016.” [1] There are 46 Counties in South Carolina.

Not only did he zero in on the “46 County List,” he brought a dish to a work meeting and said “well, now you have your first County checked off of the list. And it was on. Thank you, Lamar, for giving me guidance and a kick in the pants to begin this new quest.

Meg’s new gig is to find 100 Dishes To Eat In South Carolina While You Are Alive or Dead, while checking out The Best Restaurants in each South Carolina County.

Since there is not a formal South Carolina100 list, I will do it my way and loosely follow the “46 County List”  as outlined on Snacks of Jax.  [1]

Maybe these food suggestions will make it on my list and maybe they won’t.

So special thanks to my Alabama followers, I promise that I will continue to write about my quest to eat some of the best food in the World following that Alabama “100 list.”   I have a few new places to write about for upcoming blogs.  I hope that you continue to follow my blog, my Facebook page, and Instagram account.

And hello to my new South Carolina friends.  Follow along on Tuesday’s as I share my quest to find some of the best food in South Carolina.   Next Tuesday, I visit one of the “46 County Best Restaurant List,” and spoiler alert, it will make my “100 SC list.

[1] Snacks of Jax, Carolina Food Bloggers 2016 Best Restaurants of South Carolina by County



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