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Frank Lloyd Wright Visits

Inspired by my recent return visit to Taliesin West, I am going to be sharing some my Frank Lloyd Wright visits during  the month of April 2016 on “Frank Fridays.”  I was thrilled to get the opportunity to return to Taliesin West.   In 2010 Taliesin and Taliesin West were both designated as sites on the World Monuments Watchlist by the World Monuments Fund.   I felt a sense of renewal and new energy about the grounds as a Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast and foundation supporter/member, I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thank you WMF!


  1. Rosenbaum House located in Florence, Alabama, is the only FLW project in Alabama. An excellent example of Usonian Architecture and lovingly restored by the City of Florence is open to visitors.


  1. Taliesin West  Scottsdale, Arizona.  Frank Lloyd Wright winter home and School of Architecture.  Really loved my tour.   In this blog, I added a few of the tours to my future FLW bucket list.


  1. Florida Southern College Lakeland, Florida. The largest group of buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in existence.  I toured 12 buildings/sites on the campus.  Inspiring visit!  This is quite possibly my lengthiest blog so I tried to add lots of photos to break up the post.
  2. Florida Southern College Usonian design by Frank Lloyd Wright


  1. Cedar Rock is Meg’s favoriteCedar Rock Estate, Pavilion and boathouse


  1. Taliesin Spring Green Wisconsin Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal home located in SW Wisconsin. Home to his Welsh maternal ancestors.  The site of love, tragedy and life. Said to be his living work written in wood and stone.  Also the first site of his Architectural School and fellowship.  Love this tour, I want to return to see more!
  2. Wright On Madison-Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace. Monona Terrace is an awesome public space designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
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