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South Carolina Foods 46 Counties & 100 Best SC

Follow me on my  “Tasty Tuesday” * post as I wander around South Carolina tasting the best that this beautiful state has to offer.  * Tasty Tuesday posts may vary, near and far food locations.  On my quest to try the best restaurant in each of the 46 South Carolina Counties,  I am loosely following the 2016 list by Snacks of Jax   [1] 

 Scroll down to view blogs by South Carolina County and city.

Some people call this category may call this category “Restaurant Reviews.” I call it a MEGaquest to try and figure out the best 100 Dishes To Eat in South Carolina While You Are Alive or Before You Die, Whichever Comes First. *Note, these are in no particular order at this time and may be found organized alphabetically by city. To make it easier for readers, I have included the “46 Best SC” below.

Anderson County

  1. Belton– Grits and Groceries MEGastars 5 ***** Southern Food Meet Midwest Value and NOLA Pizazz at Grits & Groceries Seeking The Best Food Of South Carolina’s 46 Counties *Recipe Links*

Charleston County

  1. Sullivan’s Island– The Obstinate Daughter 5 MEGastars ***** The Obstinate Daughter A 46 South Carolina Best Restaurant MEGaStop

Other Charleston County Restaurants NOT on the 46 SC County BEST RESTAURANT LIST

  1. Charleston-HUSK A Chef Sean Brock Stop. 5 MEGastars  ***** Nibbling On Some Pig’s Ear in High Style Husk Charleston, South Carolina.  
  2. Charleston-Husk’s Bar for a famous burger. Crashing A Famous Bar For A Chef’s Famous Burger 
  3. Charleston – Poogan’s Porch Megaschooled on Lowcountry Cuisine A Dead Dog And A Visit To Poogan’s Porch Charleston, South Carolina
  4. Mount Pleasant– Get Crabs In South Carolina Seeking Top Dishes of South Carolina

Cherokee County 


  1. Gaffney – Sunny’s Donuts  BEST OF 46 5 MEGastar *****.  Have A Sunny Day  


  1. Gaffney, Sunny’s Donuts * see link above 5 MEGastar *****
  2. Gaffney, Daddy Joe’s BBQ South Carolina Food Quest 4 MEGastar ****- South Carolina Food Quest- BBQ, The Argument, The Bandwagon, And Why I Jumped On


  1. Chesnee-Rob’s Deli Update 2018 Rob’s Deli of Chesnee, South Carolina A Small Town Deli Has Big News 11/2018
  2. Gaffney– *NOTE, this is a Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives Stop- Harold’s Diner 2 MEGastar**- Harold’s Restaurant Inspired By The Guy    
  3. Gaffney County– Cooley Farms Strawberry Hill U.S.A.  Celebrate The Strawberry Moon in June
  4. Gaffney-Carolina Cafe’ A Knife And A Big Butt Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina

Greenville County

  1. Greenville – American Grocery- Permanently CLOSED 2017


  1. Greenville-Henry’s Smokehouse for BBQ & SC Mustard Hash 4MEGastar ****Smokin Mustard Hash With The Hog Hauler South Carolina Style Hash 
  2. Greenville – Seeking the Best of South Carolina Food-Greenville South Carolina Husk
  3. Greer– Wild Ace Pizza
  4. Greer– Still Chasing The G.O.A.T. In South Carolina, A Goat Roast and Beer
  5. Landrum – Hare & Hound Pub of Landrum, S.C. Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina
  6. Travelers Rest – Farmhouse Tacos Hiking, Biking, Mushrooming, And Taco Grooving Seeking The Best Food In South Carolina

Spartanburg County

  1. Spartanburg Mon Amie Breakfast Cafe’ BEST OF 46 -4 MEGastars **** That Time I Put Some Ooh-La-La In My Morning – Mon Amie of Spartanburg, S.C. 46 Best Restaurants in 46 S.C. Counties
  2. Spartanburg The Farmer’s Table BEST OF 46 – 4 MEGastars **** The Farmer’s Table


  1. Chesnee– Seasonal Beef Hash Hallelujah South Carolina Hash With Sasquatch 
  2. Chesnee – Strawberry Hill
  3. Cowpens-Abbott’s Bakery Strawberry Bread Celebrate The Strawberry Moon in June 
  4. Cowpens– Abbott’s Bakery Peach Bread Everything Is Peaches In South Carolina Peach Bread
  5. Cowpens – Abbott’s Bakery That Time I Fell In Love With A Fruitcake Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina
  6. Inman-Aunt M’s Chicken – 2 MEGastars **  Fried Chicken, Fuel,  And A View – Auntie M’s Fried Chicken, Fuel, And A View – Auntie M’s
  7. Spartanburg-The Hen House flew the coop for beer. Now at R.J. Rocker’s Brewery, The Silo.  The Hen House is Flying The Coop For The Big Silo in Spartanburg S.C. Best Foods
  8. Spartanburg – Hub City Hogfest Swined and Dined – Hub City Hogfest 2018
  9. Spartanburg Caroline’s Cake The Caramel and Coconut were picked by Oprah and her BFF Gayle.  Too many accolades to note for this famous cake.  I Found My Soul Cake In South Carolina 
  10. Spartanburg-Ike’s for the best burger ever! I Went All The Way at Ike’s Korner Grill With A Hamburger 
  11. Spartanburg Mexican Juancho’s That Day Juancho Surprised Me 
  12. SpartanburgCaroline’s BBQ One of my top picks for (everything) St. Louis style  BBQ Ribs, Beef Brisket, and Sweet Potato Crunch 5 MEGastars   A Birthday Oink at Carolina BBQ Spartanburg 
  13. Spartanburg Le Spice – Le Spice The Great Melting Pot Goes Uptown At LeSpice in Spartanburg, S.C. Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina
  14. Spartanburg – The Crepe Factory Some je ne sais quoi In My Breakfast-Seeking The Best Food In South Carolina
  15. Spartanburg – Taco Willy Taco Willy -Seeking The Best Food of South Carolina
  16. Spartanburg – Cribb’s Chillin At Cribb’s Kitchen Seeking The Best Food In South Carolina
  17. Spartanburg – Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina The Standard, Spartanburg
  18. Spartanburg – Wade’s The Mother of All Meat-n-Three’s Wade’s Spartanburg, South Carolina Seeking The Best Food In SC
  19.  Spartanburg – Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina The Austrian German Connection
  20. Spartanburg – The Kennedy-Getting Jiggy Wit Carrots -Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina
  21. Spartanburg –
  22. A Monster, A Stupid Sandwich And A Classic Italian Sub Sandwich Seeking The Best Food In South Carolina
  23. Spartanburg – Cribb’s An Aha Moment With A Nut In The South
  24. Spartanburg – Chicken Salad Chick Goes Upstate Seeking The Best Food in South Carolina

Union County

1. Buffalo– Midway BBQ Loved their beef hash. BEST OF 46 – 5 MEGastars High Times With Hash at Midway BBQ Buffalo, South Carolina


[1] Snacks of Jax Snacks of JAX

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